Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is new with Fl(h)air Accessories?!

I thought you were wondering.... :) I have been so inspired by color and creativity that I have started to expand to lovely vintage stacked rings, unique and affordable scarves, beautiful bobby pins, fun and funky other hair accessories that pack a mean punch! Here are some of my favorites below...

   Classic Jersey Cotton Black and White Striped Infiniti Scarf

Yes one of my favorite ways to wear Fl(h)air is to doll up one of my scarves. Scarves are an easy way to pull together an outfit from dull to chic super easily! See my post on how to wear a scarf click here. I couldn't find an inexpensive black and white jersey cotton stretch scarf anywhere! I mean I found a few but for $80 and $241 you have to be joking.... So I went on a search to find one under $20. I found some pretty inexpensive material at Hancock Fabrics and Viola!!! the new black and white striped infinity scarf was posted on Etsy.

Pretty Bright Pick-Me-Up Rose Adjustable Ring (Choose One Only)

Lovely Vintage and New Stacked Cocktail Rings! So cute and fun to wear - if nothing else I always will rely on a cool piece of jewelry and I love to wear fun and crazy rings! They are another great statement piece that is WAY inexpensive and can totally amp up any outfit for day or night. Neon spring colors shown and TONS more to come!

Hair Bouquet Shades of Blue with Green and Yellow Bursts of Color (Set of 5)

Bouquet Beautiful Bobby Pins are another fun way to add color and tie an outfit together simple and easy. These are great because they are usually only a $1 a piece!! How can you not love these!?!
Plus they make great gifts!

Other fun little hair accessories! I have posted a new addition to the Fl(h)air family of leather! I love the hard and softness that leather accessories can bring to an outfit. I totally am loving the combo of super girly with a little edge... RAWR (awkward because that is not the first time I have said that today)!

Here is one that I just did for a friend as a custom piece for her trip to Vegas - TOTALLY AWESOME right?!

I would love to hear from you on the new items! What ones would you like to see from Fl(h)air Accessories?! Leave you comments below - I'd love to work with you on custom hair pieces too!

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