Monday, February 28, 2011

Forgive me....

I did my regular routine. Yoga @ 5 am, come home shower and get ready for work, make the boyfriend breakfast and coffee and pack his lunch, log on to post on etsy and blog..... log on..... hmmmm.... L O G   O N!!!! Grrrrr.... So after several days of being on the phone (you all know how that is) for several hours they have determined our modem is ka-put. So tomorrow I should be back up in business :) keeping my fingers crossed!! I have so much to share with you guys!!! Lots of new and fun things - I promise to be sharing some good, fast and easy recipes, all new 30 on 30 for the bargain-ista and tea party fun!

So this leads all up to a very important question.... Forgive me purdy please?

Monday, February 21, 2011

What is new this week for Fl(h)air Accessories?!

Probably one of the most beautiful pieces I have created yet are my NEW wristlet/clutch organizer for bridal and everyday (or night)! Here is an exclusive photo that is available on my etsy site...

So beautiful right?! Pieces are both new and vintage - what a wonderful combination! And since that time is coming up for Spring weddings and such I figured I would create a piece for the organized bride.

I also am collecting more vintage jewelry - you will be seeing more Vintage Treasures with attachable Fl(h)air which in itself is like two gifts in one! Here is a preview for what is to come...

Super fun and functional too! Also another one to watch out for are my vintage inspired rolled roses with rhinestones, pearls, peacock shoots, spotted feathers and more. There are lots of colors available but here is your little preview...

Keep an eye out for the new and fun Fl(h)air Accessories and just for checking in I am going to give you all a SPECIAL TREAT - Enter this coupon code when you are in check out and receive 10%* off your order.... simple as that! Here is the code: SPRINGLOVE
*code will expire at the end of the month

Thanks for all the support! Let me know if there is something you are looking for that you can't find - I love custom pieces :) Is there something you are wanting from Fl(h)air Accessories? - I love challenges too!

Enjoy ladies! Thanks again - Happy President's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Errr... I mean Fl(h)air Accessories - it just doesn't roll off the tongue as well. To more important things here is the winner for the GIVEAWAY......

My PhotoAimee said...
I would normally say turquoise, but the pink reminds me of spring so much, I gotta pick that one!

And we couldn't agree more! I am loving the pink and turquoise as well! Thanks to all who entered - I will be posting another fun giveaway soon :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY FRIDAY!!!!! Win 5 Pantone Spring2011 Inspired Fl(h)air!!

Okay so gals, this is the deal in the comments below on this post only please list which color is your favorite and why or you can tell me which Fl(h)air Accessory is your favorite on my Etsy site. Yep, that is it you get entered in the order received and on Sunday the winner will be announced. The winner has three days to respond on my e-mail their address and VIOLA - another successful Giveaway!

Here's a preview of what is up for goods :)

SUPER CUTE!!! This prize is worth $10 in Fl(h)air Accessories and I always send a BONUS :)

Happy Friday to all and good luck! Thanks for diggin' my blog :)

Orange ya glad I didn't say Banana / Two peas in a pod SPRING 2011 Colors

Here are the final two SPRING 2011 Colors - Peapod and Coral Rose (I think any shade of Orange will be a big hit!)

Orange had been predicted to be the new color for the season - I mean BRIGHT Orange... Sometimes can be harsh against certain skin colorings so we will keep it simple and do shades of orange.

Here is a great collection for inspiration and for ideas on adding this fun spring/summer color to your wardrobe:

orange ya glad i didn't say banana

Orange petal neck top
20 GBP -
Sleeveless tops »

Petite orange scallop top
22 GBP -
Sleeveless tops »

Poetic Licence Dazzling
$20 -
High heel shoes »

Old Navy Women's New Flip-Flops
$3.50 -
Flip shoes »

Citrus Orange Adjustable Cocktail Ring
$24 -
Stone rings »

13 GBP -

Baby Headband Medium Flower Orange Ruthie
$12 -

Peapod Green and Emerald Green have been popping up faster than the spring bulbs in the ground. Everywhere from runways to Macys - green will be a big hit. Kermit would be so proud how easy it is being green :)

Here is the last inspritaion collection - well not really I am for sure posting more - but for the SPRING PANTONE 2011 will be the final color - ENJOY!

emerald a glowin

Green spot bow dress
30 GBP -
Bow dress »

Green short trench coat
70 GBP -
Double breasted coats »

Green Arial Skirt
$145 -
Green skirts »

Green chain cross body bag
18 GBP -
Green handbags »

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They call me Mellow Yellow....

Yep another fun color to brighten your day - literally like the sun, get it... ok I am done lol. On a serious note PANTONE rated yellow as their color for Spring 2011 as well. This fab hue can work with any skin tone and coloring - make sure to play around with the color - anything goes - from buttery yellow cream to vibrant canary yellow.

Here is an inspiration board for y'all - I hope it helps! I found my perfect yellow cardigan at Nordstrom's Rack for $12.00 and I love it!

call me mellow yellow

yellow beach dress
40 AUD -
Beach dresses »

Poetic Licence Dazzling
$20 -
Peep toe pumps »

Indian Stone Earrings, Yellow
$48 -
Stone earrings »

Knockaround - Sunglasses - Fort Knocks - Yellow / Smoke
Yellow sunglasses »

Tomorrow is going to be a double whammy!! Two colors at once - golly geez - And a giveaway will be posted on Friday - Woo Hoo - way to start off the weekend right!