Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Craft a Day Keeps the Blues Away...

Shopping at Walmart to get button covers and stunbled upon their new jewelry section. I decided to teach my friend Jackie how to make necklaces since she needed some inexpensive accessories since she is one the college budget.

Here is what we bought:

$3 - Metal Chain (it came with a few lobster clamps and jump rings)
$2 - Cross Rhinestone Set of Three
$2 - Vintage Inspired Skeleton Keys
I used some vintage pieces to add some glitz

Total for this project: $7 and I have three new necklaces - Talk about a fun mini craft night and another great bargain!!

I already had extra jump rings as well as a needle nose pliers for jewelry making.

I didn't get a photo of Jackie's because she had to get home to study for a paper BUT I did get a photo of mine.

What do you think?

I might have to make some up for Christmas and Jackie is now addicted to it! I am thinking of doing a class here in Walla Walla if anyone is interested?

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am on a Thrifty Kick today.... DIY Scarf with Removable Pom-Pom Brooch

Dollar Store buying mailing supplies and perusing the aisle. I find scarfs - they must be stocking up on their winter gear since the 90 degree last week means it is winter. That is besides the point.

There was a cute mustard yellow, fuchsia, navy, and gray. I choose the mustard but to my dismay the scarf was really thin and looked incomplete. I had an idea in my head and bought two of them. I sewed both of them together. I tied knots at the end and cut off the excess tassels. I then made a pom-pom out of the extras and placed a brooch pin on the back so I could wear with the scarf or wear the scarf alone.

It is REALLY cute - to prove to you my awesome crafty-ness I have to show a picture -

How adorable is that? Seriously... I am on a thrifty kick so all you awkward bargain items out there better run and hide because I am going to make something seriously fun and totally wearable out of you!

What do you think? Would you like a tutorial on them?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What do a chewed up Pottery Barn Pillow and a $3 Striped T-Shirt have in common?

A Brand New Fabulous Pillow.... That is what! And I want to share how...

So I was coming home from my big trip to The Creative Connection in Minneapolis when I got the call. My boyfriend said that my dog destroyed the front room while he was gone for the day because my little angel Lou learned to jump over the doggie gate.

One of my new Pottery Barn Pillows was torn open in the corner.... GRR! Those are so expensive and I literally could not just throw it away.

I decided to go to Walmart to get some stretch fabric this evening, because it was the only store open past 6:00pm in Walla Walla on a Sunday. No Luck. So I went to the clearance section and my pillows hero was there, stripes and all.

I purchased the $3 Large Black and White Striped T-Shirt and was determined to make an adorable little pillow slip-cover for it.

Now I am NOT a sewing professional and recently inherited my gradmothers old sewing machine that my mom learned on as a young adult. So you know this will be easy :)


I sewed the bottom of the t-shirt using the Stretch Stitch. I then placed the pillow inside to see how it would fit. It was pretty snug. I took it out and stitched half way on the sewing machine on the other end.

I stuffed the old Pottery Barn pillow into the new t-shirt pillow case. I then slip stitched the rest close.

I took the left over fabric and made a cute flower and hand stitched the flower onto the new pillow case.

Here is the before photo:

Here is the after photo:

Do you love it? It was so simple and fun. I am thinking of making a few for the holiday gifts here in Walla Walla :)

For $3 and 25 minutes of my lazy Sunday night I say it was worth every bit! How fun is that?

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Winner Winner McDonalds Dinner!

Congratulations to the following:

Marija Maricich

Jamie Saddler

Lindsey Carpenter

Laurie Pounder

Please e-mail: ebejebes@aol.com with your address and I will send you the coupons :) Thank you so very much for all who entered!

Have a McDonalds filled breakfast all week long!

Monday, September 19, 2011

FREE Mickey D's breakfast for a WEEK Giveaway! 4 Winners will be chosen...

Ba-da da- da daaaa - I'm Lovin' It!

McDonalds was one of our sponsors for our event at TCC (The Creative Connection) and I wanted to pass along the fun. I have a weeks worth of breakfast items for you to have to enjoy! How fun is that?

So breakfast is on me for the next week because I love my wonderful fans and this is how I show my appreciation to you!

You are welcome!!

Here is how you enter:

Like my facebook page and follow my blog! That is it!!! I will be drawing 4 winners total for this so it is a great one to enter!! I will choose the winner Thursday and then post it on Friday morning. There is only three days to enter so hurry - spread the word as well!!!

Extra entries for the gals who refer a friend - just make sure they leave your name in the comments (first and last please) so I know who referred you <3

I am so excited to start my Creative Connection GIVEAWAY!!!! Whooooooo HOOOO!!!

Can't wait to pick winners and start on a new giveaway :) You all are so great!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Featured on Riley Blake Designs! Check it :)

I met the wonderful and fabolous girls at Riley Blake Designs at my "Romancing the Wristlet" with Cindy and Jina - they are amazing!! I had such a great time being surrounded with women who are all so supportive and have so much knowledge to share. They posted a photo (not the best but being silly) on their blog - Check it our here and give them some love <3 on their facebook page as well here

I literally felt like an atom bouncing one idea off to the next and Jina was full of support and wonderful constructive criticism :)

Thank you so very much for your wonderful support and the fabrics you gals carry are AMAZING! I can't wait to try Voile! It is a beautiful high end cotton that looks and acts as a chiffon - STOKED to try it :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Network, Network, Network!

Hi Gals! So today we made all kinds of amazing things! I visited the cricut booth to make fabric flower pins - that is right they make a great little cartridge to cut FABRIC! So anyone who wants to tap into their creative element of hair accessories will have a cut-free, hassle-free experience! And there are all kinds of crafting How-Tos for their product. Check it out here.
Cricut Circle

Here is what we made at the booth - I, of course, took my own creative spin on this

Kevin, the PR at Starbucks from Creative Connection, and I chatted about doing a fun giveaway on here :) YIPEE~! They gave away a FREE pound of coffee - our choice on what we wanted - How stinking awesome is that?! I picked up the boldest bold they had - French Roast - Yum - Thank you Starbeezy for the power up! You are always there to get me going again!

Starbucks Coffee Company

I took the class from the owner of Whippy Cake! She has some amazing ideas on personal photostyling and has inspired me in so many new ways on personal styling and creating an amazing almost effortless outfit that reflects the real you! I have more to come on the class basics 101 for fun and easy tips and tricks I have learned and I also want to add a few that I believe are simple and wonderful for anyone to know

I also picked up some fun card making - which I have never attempted but was so fun - I don't know where it is right now because I have absolutely a TON of SWAG from this show. I also am going to post a giveaway for some of the amazing swag I have with me. I am so appreciative of you as my fans, customers and followers! Oh man - if you ever get the chance to come here it is TOTALLY worth it.

This is Emma Fl(h)air reporting from the hotel room where the The Creative Connection is taking place. You stay crafty Minneapolis :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Born a rebel...

We arrived into St. Paul and have the perfect little view out of our window of the city and the Mississippi River. It is freezing here (50's) but I made sure to layer myself well with fun vintage-y and fall colored sweaters and jackets. Our first day we were suppose to do a list full of activities for the CWC but we opted to be rebels and hit Junk Bonanza which is a great big Junk Revolution show having all goods that are vintage and refurbished. Save the world one recycled good at a time right?

Here are some eye candy for my vintage loving gal pals :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am leaving on a jetplane....

Hi Gals! I am heading on a plane to go to the Creative Womens Connection Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota with my momma and her bestie! I promise to learn more, new and awesome techniques for hair accessories, photography and blogging! I am so stinking excited to show you all what I have learned and a new insight on Fl(h)air Accessories! I will hopefully be posting some fun new photos :) I also will be posting beautiful pictures from my Wild Women's Vintage show up on 5-Mile Prarie in Spokane, Wa.

See you all soon!!