Monday, September 26, 2011

I am on a Thrifty Kick today.... DIY Scarf with Removable Pom-Pom Brooch

Dollar Store buying mailing supplies and perusing the aisle. I find scarfs - they must be stocking up on their winter gear since the 90 degree last week means it is winter. That is besides the point.

There was a cute mustard yellow, fuchsia, navy, and gray. I choose the mustard but to my dismay the scarf was really thin and looked incomplete. I had an idea in my head and bought two of them. I sewed both of them together. I tied knots at the end and cut off the excess tassels. I then made a pom-pom out of the extras and placed a brooch pin on the back so I could wear with the scarf or wear the scarf alone.

It is REALLY cute - to prove to you my awesome crafty-ness I have to show a picture -

How adorable is that? Seriously... I am on a thrifty kick so all you awkward bargain items out there better run and hide because I am going to make something seriously fun and totally wearable out of you!

What do you think? Would you like a tutorial on them?

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