Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Custom Order Madness!

So lately I have been having custom orders on Etsy like crazy! I LOVE it and wanted to share what I have been up to for the past few days...

Of course they come in sideways - oh well at least you can check out the new fun and exciting items I have been creating! So fun right!!?? What ones are your favs? I feel a giveaway coming up....

P.S. Happy Summer - Officially :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

How-To Wear Neon Colors

So a whole new trend for this summer is rocking the neon colors! I like this trend personally because it makes me look super tan without the skin cancer - lol. I was searching all over and saw a post on FabSugar on how to wear pops of neon. I just purchased the purple tee in the line-up shown and LOVE this shirt! I am getting lots of compliments when I wear it.

So if you want to know more on wearing neon colors and how to wear this trend head over to this link and get in the know for the fun trend of the summer :) from the fabulous site :

Here is my fun outfit for wearing the neon trend during the daytime...

neon chic day
What do you think? How do you wear your neon?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interesting Trend - Coloring your hair with Powder Eyeshadow

So what to do with that broken eyeshadow that is too loud to wear during the day but you have loved it for so long and can't seem to throw it out? Crush it into a powder and streak your hair. That is the new trend that is happening and I am giving it a go with my powder eyeshadows. It adds a bit of punk glam. I am going to give it a go for an upcoming event. I hate using spray in because of the texture and stiffness it causes but this seems like a great way for costume parties or for some glamour at night out with the girls.

Searching for some examples I have found a great Tutorial from Kevin Murphy on how-to on this trend. The model is getting her whole head done (too much for this gal here) but fun to try in the safety of your own home with your throw away eyeshadow.

If the video doesn't pull up for you on the site you can also click here

Here are some photos of other trendy gals showing their colors:

photo credit                           photo credit         

                                                         photo credit

photo credit                           photo credit

I think this is a super fun trend that is totally how loud or soft that you want to make it! I have a few shadows in mind so once I am done unpacking into our new house I am going to wear this one out!! I am really liking the red (because who wears red eyeshadow anyways?) I know I can't pull it off without looking like I am sick and sleep deprived.

What are your tips for temporary coloring or for new uses for your old or broken eyeshadow?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How-To Mix Prints

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to mix your prints. This look can be tricky but is an amazing tool for creating and revamping your wardrobe once you have mastered the techniques. So here are some simple tips to mix your prints and achieve that awesome summer cool vibe.

Tip #1
Take some of your favorite print clothing items. My favorites are stripes, leopard and floral. I think these are the easiest ones to start with for mixing. It also depends on your style as well (mine is a bit more flashy than most). Neutral hues are the easiest for intricate prints.

photo credit                   photo credit            photo credit             photo credit

Tip #2
Stripes: Easiest and most popular are mixing your stripes. Take a bold striped sweater and layer it over a small striped tank.
mixing prints and neutrals

Tip #3
Mixing the unexpected. My personal fav - Mix up florals and stripes together. Nothing is as adorable as a striped top with floral shorts of a skirt.

Tip #4
Mix your accessories! I love wearing my black and white striped shirt with my bright red floral scarf with my leopard print flats and dark skinny jeans. Literally if I "can't find anything to wear" this is my go-to outfit.
go to outfit

Tip #5
Mix similar hues. Have a navy plaid shirt? Pair it with a navy (any color that is in the plaid will work) stripe or polka dot shirt or tank and pair them together. Be as loud or as soft as you want to be.

Tip #6
To keep you from looking like it was a mix match day at school or as a dare keep your other pieces neutral. For example Kate Moss is wearing stripes with black and brown neutral pieces to keep it classy and super chic.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calling All DIY Creative Nellies!!!

So I stumbled upon probably one of my favorite finds since Etsy....

Urban Outfitters Blog!! Here are some of my favs...

So they take everday not wearable items and turn it into something new! Awesome - who doesn't like to hear "Ohhh, where did you get that?" and you can reply with "Oh this old thing, I made it out of an old raggy ________ (insert your creative jumble here)!" Your friends and observers will rejoice and all will be well. I think it is a great way to recycle old duds! I just did this with a dress I got at a high end store here and made it into an adorable shirt - BONUS - tons of compliments!

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- being the only "blanca" in the Mexican Restaurant who doesn't speak Spanish. BF excluded (he's fluent)
- having Girl's Nite and shopping at Studio Opal, snagging an awesome pair of Toms Shoes with my ridiculously tall friend and the gal who rung us up laughed at comparing our boxes together. This is how opposite we are in height and in shoe size...
- Having acupuncture, relaxing...falling asleep...zzzz. Then having the doctor wake me to tell me I have been sleeping for an hour and he already took out the needles and me forgetting I was in an acupuncture room with a doctor. Obviously need the rest (hint hint).
- Colonics. weird not much else to say.... to all who have had them done - I now feel your pain.
- Thunderstorm and 70 plus degrees out. It was almost like I was in Hawaii. almost....

- Selling out for the second week in a row at Studio Opal for the hair accessories! BOMB!!! Thank you for all who purchase these cuties!
- My boyfriend serenading me at our Mexican Dinner (he bought because he was trying a new recipe and it went south real quick - hey A for effort though love chop) Here is the video of him - how can you not love a guy who can't take himself seriously?!
- Finalizing papers on the house! Woo Hoo- literally only like a week and a half before we are officially moved in!
- Scoring awesome $10 finds all week! $10 AMAZING-NESS! I will line them up and take photos for outfit posts!
- My dinner dates, Elania and Katie, who I have such a fun time with - love my "only friends" ;) You guys are the BEST!
- My dear friend Katy's Wedding is this weekend in Spokeezy and I am in it making the hair accessories and cake! Will post pictures as soon as possible :)
- Finding out that Katie (AJ's sis) is having the first boy in the Blumel Family :) Only 4 more months! I am starting on his bow-tie and tie onesies. Can't wait to hold little Mason Allen!

How was your Thursday?! Any fun plans for this weekend?!


So in case you missed it....

I have had quite the time getting my computer fixed after my attempt of trying to hydrate it... not on purpose derrrr...

I have been uber-busy making cakes, hair accessories, finishing up the year with the kiddos, moving to our new house here in Walla Walla and trying to be everywhere all at once :)

Here are some photos of what I have been up to:
Graduation Cake for one of the teacher's sons. He is a drummer and is heading into the Marine's so I figured I'd go all out - Yeppers - that thing is all edible! Yummy too ;)

Some new fun hair accessories and shoe clippies :) I am in love with my awesome green flower ones like the blues ones shown in the photos.

Again, sideways - (deep sigh) oh vey!

Sorry to leave you guys for the time being. I promise to keep posting new awesomeness!