Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Essentials - Stripes

Now that the weather is getting warmer by the day and day light savings has come once again, it's time for spring essentials and favorites!

Today is all about stripes! Super basic and as you can see a basic black and white stripe tee doesn't have to be anything too trendy! I paired my stripe 3/4 length shirt tucked into a black floor length maxi with nude flats and a bit of coral punch color accessories and lipstick for some spring flair.

Don't be afraid if you are a bit more curvy (like myself) to add in stripes to your spring outfits. Make sure to look slim, yes even with stripes, if you keep the stripe smaller and more fitting up top with a basic (I love my black clothes) solid color on bottom. Also if you are petite to wear your heels and your skirts up a little higher on the waistline to make the appearance of longer legs and add to your overall height.

I love to keep most of my clothes pretty basic with trendy accessories like this custom set from my Fl(h)air line ( to add more color and glam to my outfits without breaking the bank on a super trendy piece.

Clothing worn: maxi skirt (thrifted), 3/4 length stripes shirt (Macy's), nude flats (Francesca's - Palm Springs), maybelline lipstick (coral crush), accessories (flhair)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Health Benefits of Lemon and Warm Water

It's a little secret that I have come across that has made a big difference in my health. I have started the mornings with a cup if warm water and lemon. I still have my coffee and continue on with my daily routine- could never give that up! But I am slowly converting to better health. Nothing drastic, just baby steps in the right direction.

I have noticed a change in all the things listed and wanted to share them with you as well. Usually I post a fun baking or cooking recipe but today this just felt like it should be shared <3 you can use limes lemons - whatever you prefer!

I jotted down a few notes (handwritten) from what I found on the Internet, what my doctor has told me and from a few inspiring health articles I have read. I hope you enjoy!