Saturday, July 5, 2014

Easy How-To Cheese Plates

Maybe it's the area we live in but there's something about Summer get-togethers, cracking a bottle of wine and snacking on a really good cheese plate. 

You don't have to spend $30 or more on cheeses, fruits and crackers to make a delicious appetizer. Just a few simple steps, a nice plate with some friends and you're ready to go!

I like to start with cheeses. So my favorites are herb-infused cheeses, hard cheeses (they stay so well in the hot-hot heat) and a few softer (even spreadable cheeses that you can make out of cream cheese with some garlic and Walla Walla Sweet Onions - Delicious!). 

My favorite places to purchase less expensive cheeses are grocery outlet (don't judge). I have gotten amazing goat cheese, Dublinger, herbed fontina, havarti, and smoked Gouda - so good-ah! I use 1-3 cheeses depending on the size.

What pairs well with cheese and wine? Everybody... CRACKERS! Grab a few different sizes- I loved these with the bagel like look with sesame seeds. So pretty on the plate.

Some delicious-ness I always add to every plate and it is always a hit, hummus. Goes with crackers, cheese and with these...

I love adding some crunchy greens, sure they aren't fresh but hell, if you're watching calories you shouldn't be eating this anyways. These are delicious and also found in the natural section. The plate needed some color some greens or even carrots to help bring color, as well as these... 

My favorite part! You can use anywhere from dried apricot fruits, to grapes, to these pretty cherries. It adds a little something having the fresh fruit with the richer foods.

I like to add chocolate powder almonds from Blue Diamond or even lightly glazed cashews or peanuts. I opted out of them on this plate but it makes the plate pretty and the sharpness of the cheeses and the sweetness of the nuts balance each other out. 

There you go! You can be the hostess with the mostest and a budget-ista. 

What are some of your favorites to put on cheeseplates? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Hair Dos with the Simple Bobby Pin

Bobby Pin 101:

It seems that the most simple tools can create a perfect hairstyle. I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the simple bobby pin.

We all have them. Tucked in drawers, stuck in our vacuum and marking our territory on our counters and night stands. It's one of the easiest tools to use. If you ever wondered how to use them.... Wonder no more - we have 10 easy-peasy ways to use and store these bad boys!

1. Store with magnetic strip in drawer to keep them in place.
            (image source:pinterest)

Your vacuum, nightstand and bathroom counter will thank you. You also won't have to keep going around your house trying to collect them when you're needing a quick hairstyle because they will all be there ready to go when you are!

2. Spray hairspray or dry shampoo on bobby pins to help secure in thin hair.

                    (image source: via pinterest)

You've got that hair that will hold a hair style for two seconds? No fear! Spritz them with hairspray or dry shampoo and let them dry before placing in te hair. This extra bit if grip will help them stay in place.

3. Right VS Wrong 

                                                   (image source:pinterest)

Frustrated that they STILL aren't staying? Maybe you're using them wrong. I know I have been and this little trick has been a life changer! Have the textured side against your head will help keep that bobby right where it needs to stay.

4. Bobby Pins Exposed

                                                              (image source: pinterest)

They are known to be hidden but with all the pretty jeweled and colored bobby pins in the market now it seems to be the new and easy way to wear them. Think the ever so popular geographic designs: chevron, triangle, diamond etc. 

5. Twist and Lock

                         (image source: pinterest)

Need a quick summer style that can last sizzling in the sun or for a quick up do for a special occasion? This isn't your mothers french twist. We've been seeing these gorgeous messy french twists that are so dreamy and romantic! See how they use the locking technique? Run the bobby along the direction of the twist, when you get to the edge tuck it in to secure the bobby and the hairstyle. This takes some practice but def worth it! 

6. Pop-Up Pony

                                 (image source: pinterest)

Add some Barbie-silhouette "umph" to your pony with.... You guessed it! Bobby pins. Place vertically under the pony tail to add some extra volume with out the tease. 

7. Pony-Less Braid

        (image source:pinterest)

Only have one bobby but need your hair tamed? Yep, we got a solution for that! Here's a quick tutorial that will keep your friends guessing - how'd she do that? Shhhh.. Your secret is safe!

8. Covered Chic

                        (image source: pinterest)

Creating this look is simple and effortless. All you need is a pony and a bobby pin. Do up your usual pony. Take a small piece and wrap around the base of the pony and secure upwards, vertically speaking, over the elastic with a bobby pin. Viola! 

9. Bang it out!

                                                                (Image Source: Pinterest)

This perfect idea for that pesky bang grow out or to keep them at bay when you don't have time to style them! Use this twist technique for easy styling. You can also do a braid as well with this technique. So pretty! 

10. Braided Pixie 

                              (image source:pinterest)

How pretty is this? Wear your short hair in some pretty romantic braids on each side and secure with a bobby pin going in the opposite direction of the braid. Keeps the hair or of your face and is so perfect for summer! 

Hope you enjoyed this little 10 easy ways to use your bobby pins! We have some pretty ones available in the shops too! and!

All images have been found on Pinterest. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chain, Chain, Chain!

Our most favorited bracelet- shhh! - bonus they look adorable in your hair too! 

Our gorgeous chain chair ties/arm candy are the perfect summertime accessory! They have a medium weight in a beautiful gold color curb chain paired in our super soft elastic. 

Sneak in with your arm candy and when it gets hot this summer and you need to tie your braid, you can use this pretty double agent! 

They make great gifts too! We deliver them to your door step packed and gift wrapped just for you! 

Soft Leather Bling Bracelets

Our newest design for our lovely arm candy! Being featured in Farm Chicks this year in Spokane! 

It's so comfortable! If you could only feel this soft, pearlized leather. Made with weighted lock clasp so your bling stay up- ontop of your wrist. 

Our gorgeous crystals are hand sewn and polished for extra sparkle and shine! 

We will be featuring these in the shop in the next coming week when we get back from our big show! We can't wait for you to get your Flhair on! 

Gah! These are so pretty! I'm in love and I am sure you and friends will be too! 


Hello Dolly!


Perfect Headband Accessory: The Dolly Bow Headband.

Why it's so awesome?

It's the perfect fit. Literally you can adjust it to be tight or loose, higher on the head or lower, whether your head is a little large or a little small - doesn't matter. The headband is made with a flexible wire that you can twist into perfection in an instant! 

How do I rock my Dolly Bow?

It's pretty simple. Untwist the swirl (that's how we package it up for a safe trip to your home when you purchase it). Place the fabric below the nape of the neck with each end in your hands and wrap it around your head and twist!

Here are some helpful inspiration photos:

There are so many ways to wear! I love wearing mine when I have second day hair and I even have worn mine to the gym. We have so many different colors and patterns to choose from on our website. There will be more featured in the next several weeks too! If you don't see one that you're looking for - we can customize colors as well! 

We're going to the Daytime Emmys

Holy smokes! Just as the hustle and bustle of Memorial was about to take way, I glanced at my emails for Fl(h)air. Low and behold I find one from a company saying they wanted my company to participate in the Official Gift Bags for The Daytime Emmys!!! First thought was SCAMMMM... After many searches on google and looking up the company I have them a call. Turns out a real person answered, from a real company and that they were the real
deal on the gift bags for the Emmys! 

Shock then followed with a slew of phone calls to close family and friends. Giddy with excitement we agreed and started the process of our lovely hair accessories, all 1,100 of them going in the gift bags for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys in Beverly Hills, CA.

Were very lucky to have the patience of our wonderful customers as we head up to Farm Chicks this weekend and prepare for my wedding in July. There's so much happening and so much excitement! I'm very much looking forward to sharing more with you as we proceed!

I want to give a big shoutout to Achieva Marketing in Walla Walla for an amazing PR and Marketing plan with some fun articles and perhaps a video of our features coming up! Keep you posted!!! Pinch me, I still don't believe it! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Little Valentine Gifts for Girls, Teens and Adults


I have the sweetest nieces! Three of them to be exact! Gifts can be expensive and heavy to ship but this little easy peasy gift idea worked perfectly! It's a little hokey but the girls loved the gift! 

I grabbed the zipper heart pouch from Walmart for $1.97, ring pops and hi-chews from the local grocery store $5.40 and lipgloss set was nerd flavors at Walmart 4 for $1.97. Glow stick bracelets in hot pink with heart beads from Walmart and Joann Fabrics. I made some adorable rhinestone arrow bracelets and tied up some hair ties and that's it! 

The girls clipped these heart pouches in their lockers and backpacks. these were super easy to ship and they arrived just before Valentine's Day! I hope you found this idea helpful! I think it would be fun for girls at your office with some sassy post-it notes, lotions, hair ties and chocolates too! What is everyone else making up for Valentines Day? Are you more sweets or treats?