Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Little Valentine Gifts for Girls, Teens and Adults


I have the sweetest nieces! Three of them to be exact! Gifts can be expensive and heavy to ship but this little easy peasy gift idea worked perfectly! It's a little hokey but the girls loved the gift! 

I grabbed the zipper heart pouch from Walmart for $1.97, ring pops and hi-chews from the local grocery store $5.40 and lipgloss set was nerd flavors at Walmart 4 for $1.97. Glow stick bracelets in hot pink with heart beads from Walmart and Joann Fabrics. I made some adorable rhinestone arrow bracelets and tied up some hair ties and that's it! 

The girls clipped these heart pouches in their lockers and backpacks. these were super easy to ship and they arrived just before Valentine's Day! I hope you found this idea helpful! I think it would be fun for girls at your office with some sassy post-it notes, lotions, hair ties and chocolates too! What is everyone else making up for Valentines Day? Are you more sweets or treats?

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