Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Votives

 I love me a good Dollar Store Project! I find all kinds of unique (and sometimes trashy) items to turn into pretty things! I started the whole t-shirt headband thing on Etsy that way buying the rag rugs from- you guessed it- the dollar store. 

I purchased these two votives at Dollar Tree and they had White or Black available. Black is cool but the white needed to be update. Plus they had to be re-shaped again but seriously a little gold metallic spray and a few bends here and there and they look like the Target ones for $11 each!

I purchased Rust-Oleum for $3.96 at Walmart (I have had mine for a long time) and used newspaper. I gave it a light coat on outside and inside. It took 5 minutes with drying time and now I have pretty little votives to place tea lights in and provide pretty patterns on my wall. 

My total for this project was $2.18 - super inexpensive and very pretty. These can easily be gifted but I will keep these for myself. I hope you enjoyed the DIY! 

Other uses for these are Q-tip storage, cotton all storage, make-up brush holders, pony tail and hair accessory holders, markers and pencil holders and more!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drab to Fab: Gold Jewelry Gift Box Makeover with Fl(h)air

We all have them. Little gift boxes from Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, etc. scattered on odd little places or in a gift wrapping Tupperware. Chances are you don't really use them. They sit there alone and when you do find them, they are off-season. 

I had them. About 20 of them (collecting dust, I do hate to admit that). Three of them were useful, silver and black, the rest not so much. And that my friends is how this little DIY was born. 

All you'll need is scrap cardboard, newspaper, etc and a gold metallic (or whatever color you little heart desires).  

Here they are in all of their glory. Bright red and white with silver. Bye-bye holiday designs... you're about to be coated in the loveliest gold.
I laid my cardboard out on the grass. Shook up this bad boy and sprayed in short even strokes. The thinner the coat the faster this project will go - your drying time (especially in sunlight) will be minimal. .

Start from the edges and then lightly brush the top. Let dry and then do the interiors. 

Let dry overnight (they can be placed inside once dry) you'll want to keep them open in a well ventilated area for several hours. Nothing like giving a gift and it smelling like spray paint, am I right? 

Wrap with whatever the heck you got in that little Tupperware box or ribbon on hand. I had hot pink (shocking, right?) tulle ribbon. I punched a circular tag for the personalized name. They are too cute! I love the gold! 

This project cost me about 20 minutes to power through all 20 boxes and $3.97 for the spray paint. And I get to wrap these up for orders too!  

Some more ideas:
- use scrapbooking stickers for a personalized monogram top. 
- spray cardboard boxes for a bright colored box to mail out.
- use stencils over the top of the gold.
- spray glitter over the top one to add some extra glamour. 
- spray a color and then only spray the bottom for an ombré effect. 

- Emma 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Favorites!

Spring has officially sprung in the office here! Fl(h)air has been in full pastels and golds this week! I wanted to share with you a few favorites right now for spring...

Leopard print, or any print for that matter! This one I got at a killer price in Vegas, the glasses at Century 21 in New York last year. Don't fret over expensive handbags and designer glasses. As long as the right opportunity comes (usually right after Christmas and after summer clearance- the right bag at the right price will come. I never pay full price for the designer items and it means more spending on other things like traveling, remodeling our house and daily essentials.

Fl(h)air Accessories! Of course, what else! These stackable bracelets are perfect in pastels and bold colors! Tassels are so hot right now and these are super affordable and support small business. Hair ties are another bracelet/hair tie combo that is perfect for your spring ponytails, braids, top knots and more! 

Essie pastel nail polishes are to die for this spring! I don't care if they have been around forever, the quality of their polishes are great and the colors are perfect! This one on my nails and in the photo is "Go Ginza" and it's the prettiest hue of a pinky-lavender. 

Last BUT not least is this gorgeous ring!!!! It's been sold out for months, it just came back in stock yesterday! Get yours here: 
I would purchase right away since this bad boy sells out fast! They also have an amazing Flash Sale for up to 50% OFF selected jewelry. There are so many pretty spring items to spruce up your wardrobe! 

Hope you enjoyed my spring favs! Get your Flhair bracelets and hair ties at or 

Sale ends - Today 3/26/15 at 9pm 

Friday, January 23, 2015

5-Minute Hair with Flhair - Featuring Bejeweled Headband and Hair Tie

Whether you slept in late, forgot an appointment or want to look public appropriate in a hurry, we have a quick-pictorial on how we rock the 5 Minute Hair with Flhair! 

What you will need:
A. Bejeweled Headband
B. Teasing Comb
C. Hair Tie
D. Hairspray or bobby pins (optional) 

1. First place one of our bejeweled headband in messy bed head hair.
2. Take sections as shown in pictures and tease at the base of the hair and headband. 
3. Look at the glorious volume bed head hair.
4. Pull hair back and smooth in a pony tail and take your favorite hair tie. 
5. Wrap once around base of pony tail. 
6. Loop around hair a second time leaving several inches of hair out of the bun. 

7. Take those straggly hairs and tuck them into the elastic, so it looks like a well done messy bun. Adjust accordingly.
8. Toss on a scarf, a little make-up and you are ready to go! 

You can find headband and hair ties at and our second store -