Thursday, June 28, 2012

RePurpose Your Potato Salad

I catered a large dinner for my good friend Katie's going away party. We ran to Costco to load up on food. There is always something about Costco super-sized food that make me think "Yes, Emma you need that 10 lb. container of Potato Salad!" I did it. I bought that 10 lb. container for our big barbecue and with over 40 guests we still had about 4 lbs left.

Sad. Sad. Sad little potato salad. Here are two wonderful recipes for doctoring up your left over potato salad!

Make a hot potato salad casserole!

Empty left over potato salad into your kitchen aid. Add in two small spoonfuls of garlic, spoon pepper, 3/4 cup of cheese and 8 slices of bacon cut into chunks, diced onions and 2/3 cup of Italian bread crumbs. Mix all togehter until pieces are broken down but not mashed. Place in a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees.

Once you have done this and you STILL have more potato salad simple place left over casserole and throw into a bowl and mix the heck out of it until almost mashed. Heat a pan on the stove, place a little bit of butter and make some delicious German potato pancakes for breakfast or dinner!

Two very easy and delicious recipes for making the most out of your potato salad! Hope this helps as well near the end of summer - your BBQs wont have to be so boring after all and you'll be able to wow your friends with your creative and cost reducing cooking smarts - don't worry, I won't tell :)

Yummy Recipe: A Bow-A-Tie-A Pasta Salade! Delicioso!!

I say that title in my best, most corniest (<---not a real word) Italian Mafia voice of course shaking my hand as the Italians do best :).

It is summer here in Walla Walla, so I totally understand it is hot. But seriously it is almost TOO HOOTTT! I really didn't feel like making anything too complicated for dinner last night so I took what ingredients we had at the house and quickly boiled up some goodies on the stove the fan on(because for some reason that makes me feel like it won't be as hot in the kitchen) and made this delicious little bow-tie pasta and placed it over some spinach - YUMMY!

Bow Tie Pasta
4 Chicken Tenders (boiled and pulled apart)
1 sm can of Sliced Black Olives
1/2 package of Dry Salami
1/2 container of Feta Cheese
2 large spoonfuls of Pepperchinis
Italian Dressing of Choice
Bag of Spinach

Follow directions on the box for the bow-tie pasta. After straining out the water rinse your pasta under cold water until the noodles are no longer hot but chilled. Place pasta in a large bowl. Combine all ingredients (excluding the salad dressing and spinach). Add small amount of Italian Dressing until you have reached our desired amount. Mix all together and serve over a plate of spinach. Add more italian dressing if you prefer and enjoy!

The boys said it was one of their favorit-est throw together recipes and I should put it up on the bloggo, so here it is and I hope you enjoy it very much! Buon Appetito!

Facebook Exclusive 20% off Your Entire Purchase!

If you have been eye-ing something in my shop for a while, this is the perfect time to get your favorited Fl(h)air! As a celebration for over 300+ fans and 400+ sales in the shop - I am so overjoyed my little hobby has really taken off. I love my amazing fans and customers so I want to reward you with 20% off - if you haven't liked my facebook page head over here and make sure you do to get your exclusive code. Make sure to put your code in during checkout to get your discount! THANK YOU (in shouty capitals) for making me the LUCKIEST girl!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Morning Delights: Walla Walla Bread Company

My dear friend and I had errands to do late morning. We needed fuel to keep us going with our three little errands (ah, small town agendas). We played the game, "where do you want to go" and we both said "WWBC." and that seemed to be just what we needed!

The people are so sweet just like their desserts! My friend opted for a sweet cinnamon roll, while I had the ham and gruyere croissant (I say in my best French accent) - viola! Here it was handed to me with farm fresh local fruits and pickled cucumber salad on the side. So yummy! They have grown so much since we have been here and most of the restaurants prefer their breads which are baked fresh daily!

If ever you get a chance to come to Walla Walla (which I highly recommend you do) thus is a must on your list. You will need something compliment (soak up) the many wines you'll be trying!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Design your own ceramics

Inspired by a sweet pinterest post where the gal wrote a cute saying on a mug for a his and hers gift, I decided to take it one step further...

Here's my DIY: design your own ceramics

Sharpie Markers (I already had)
Dollar Store Plain Ceramic Mug


Take those markers and draw a pretty drawing.

Color it in if you choose to.

Set that oven to 300 degrees and place the mug on it while it is pre-heating.

Bake for 30 minutes and let cool.

Enjoy <3

So inexpensive and can make really cute custom gift for teachers, Christmas, baby showers, etc.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Bridal Pieces on Etsy

Today I took what seems a million photos for my etsy site
and for my bridal stores that carry my line <3

Here is some of the pretty shots I got for the pieces ( I spent hours and months designing and perfecting my handmade rhinestone appliques- I hope you like them). Yep, it is official after over a year of others carrying my bridal lines in their store I am making it available for all my wonderful customers on my personal etsy site I am so excited to expand
my line now that I am officially full-time Flhair! I hope you head on over a like some of the
items and spread the word - Flhair is going bridal <3 YEAH!

I think I might need to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY - what do you all think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Morning Dates

Sometimes the afternoons and evenings can be hectic. After a crazy weekend visiting with family and seeing Mr.'s grandma in the hospital, it was emotional and draining. Last night we decided to lift our spirits by playing some vinyl records having some beers and rocking out.

This morning was pleasant, no plans, no craziness we went for morning date. Not as elegant or extravagant as a date night but it was so nice to just chill. The weather was overcast and we hit our favorite patisserie for some warm coffee and treats. We talked, laughed and ate some amazing treats. Then we went our separate ways. I had orders to finish and cakes to bake and the Mr. had meetings. With all the chaos around us it was so wonderful to start our day off right. Do you guys ever do morning dates or afternoon dates?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tye-Dye Upcycled Tank Tutorial

I love mint and could not seem to find a cute mint colored top so I took matters into my own hands and ran over to the store. I grabbed a 3 pack of mens shirts, tye-dye kit, paintbrushes, a few hangers, red solo cups for dye and some scissors.

Here's my how-to :)

I took the turquoise color and added lime green until I got a rich emerald color. I laid the tank top table and cut out my tank top (see photos below) laid it on the cement and began painting it with my brushes. I started with a rich color and added water to make it more ombre colored. After both sides were painted, I took it to the hose and hosed off the shirt rang it out and then let it dry in the sun. I took the leftover sleeve dip dyed it then cut a strip and wrapped it around to make a racer back style. I let it dry and threw it in the wash alone and here's what I got! If you would like one of these please send a message to me on Facebook: Fl(h)air Accessories they are $9 <3 so perfect for summer with a pretty bandeau top underneath and cut off jean shorts or as a swimsuit cover-up at the lake even perfect for working out!

Here are some photos below to show you the process...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yummy Recipe: Creme de Cocoa Cupcakes with a Chocolate Ganache Topping

There is nothing better in my book than booze and desserts when entertaining guests. So when The Chocolate Shop asked me to infuse their wines with desserts it was a match made in boozy baker heaven. I took their Creme de Cocoa Wine and drizzled it over freshly baked milk chocolate cupcakes and dipped the cupcakes into a rich dark chocolate ganache - oh my - what a perfect pairing for their tasting room!

Here is my Dark Chocolate Ganache recipe:


3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup Creme de Cocoa Wine
1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips

In a microwave safe bowl add together the cream and wine. Microwave in 30 sec increments until it is steaming hot but not boiling. Add in the package of chocolate chips and mix until thick and creamy. Take your chilled cupcake and dip it in the ganache or pour over the top of the cupcake. Let cool, set and serve.

If you have trouble with it being too thick you can add more booze, if it's too thin you can add more chocolate.

What to do with leftover ganache:

Take fresh fruit and dip the fruit into the chocolate and place on wax paper for a yummy dessert.

Make it into a dessert fondue with marshmallows, rice krispie treats, apples, pretzels, cheesecake, brownies and more.

Whip it in your kitchen aid to make a whipped ganache frosting.

Make a bundt cake and drizzle over the top with some powder sugar,

Add to your coffee for a rich mocha treat.

Cover peppermint sticks in it for holiday gifts with a cute mug and hot cocoa packets.

Swirl over the top of brownies with a Carmel sauce and pecans.

Drizzle over cheesecake or ice cream for a new take on hot fudge sundaes and chocolate cheesecake.

Drizzle over pound cake with fresh raspberries.

Drizzle in a martini glass for garnish and taste for an amazing mocha or chocolate martini

Possibilities are endless! If you need more ideas let me know :)

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BOGO is Back!

Hi everyone! We are doing another special for my shop - purchase ANY item in the shop and receive a FREE Black Sailor Knot Headband (one of my top selling items). They are the most comfortable headbands and they are made with 100% recycled t-shirts. So repurpose-ful of you <3!

Feel free to share with friends and family - there are going to be more fun specials coming your way now that we are officially on summer break! YEAAHHH! Stay tuned on my facebook page and make sure to "like" to receive giveaways, specials and more :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moss Decor Tutorial - DIY Moss Balls

Frustrated in finding a good deal on some pretty moss balls (laugh, it's okay, the Mr. and I giggle as moss balls each time we say it because we ARE mature adults too) I have decide to take matters in my own hands. When I couldn't find the perfect thing to add some greenery to our new entertainment center in our home we turned to our favorite home decor websites and were unhappy with the prices. Enter Walmart...

I picked up some Styrofoam balls in two different sizes, decorative moss sheets and some extra glue for my glue gun. All in all I spent about $13 and have enough for two large vases and a smaller vase as well as a bit left over for some plants in out house. Here is my tutorial (go ahead, start giggling) Moss Balls  :D

Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Moss Sheets
Styrofoam Balls


Lay out your moss sheets. Take your scissors and cut a piece that will go all the way around the ball covering most of it. I used just over an 1 3/4 to cover the smallest of the Styrofoam balls.

Dab some glue on the ball and start rolling the moss around the Styrofoam. Make sure your glue gun is not too hot to melt the foam. I set my glue gun on level one for this project.

Once you have reached the end, snip off the moss strip and glue to close your mossy seam.

Now your cylinder should curve to your Styrofoam. Make a glue ring around the edges and press down like the photo below.

Now take a square piece of moss from your sheet and cover over the exposed Styrofoam and glue it down removing any strings from the hot glue.

Secure edges down with your hot glue.
Take a few more small strips to cover the rest of the ball and repeat the other side. I didn't measure any pieces the moss is very forgiving - BONUS! I hate measuring.

Once you have made up most of them use them as decorations in your house like I did. You may also take some thread that is a similar color to the moss and wrap it around to keep the moss pieces from falling all over the place. I opted not to for the moment but that looks pretty as well.

Here is how I decorated with them.

Hope you enjoyed the Moss Ball Tutorial! Feel free to share :)

<3 Emma

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Barbecue and Blues

Our plans to go to a Walla Walla Sweets game suddenly went to toilet because of rain and thunderstorms. Better opportunity here at one of our favorite wineries with a fun group of friends. Charles Smith had an event called Barbeque and Blues. Amazing Blues band good food and delish wine made up for it. Man can those guys play! What a wonderful way to end the school year :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Outfit Post: Boho-Americana

With a rainy cold day in front of me, I decided to let nature win. I threw on some fall/winter brown boots, black jeggings, baggy white t-shirt dressed ruffled up and threw on a chambray shirt un-buttoned of course. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy this look was. With some gold bangles and diamond studs it looked a bit Boho but a bit Americana. My California beach inspired waves made the outfit complete.

My bestie Jackie is moving back to Cali tomorrow so we are going to wine it up tonight for her departure from the great W2. Her lovely pups will be missed as well (Lou's best buds too)!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012!

Eye Candy for y'all from our booth just in case you missed it! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers that came out to see us! We can't wait to see you again at Wild Women's Vintage in September!!