Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tye-Dye Upcycled Tank Tutorial

I love mint and could not seem to find a cute mint colored top so I took matters into my own hands and ran over to the store. I grabbed a 3 pack of mens shirts, tye-dye kit, paintbrushes, a few hangers, red solo cups for dye and some scissors.

Here's my how-to :)

I took the turquoise color and added lime green until I got a rich emerald color. I laid the tank top table and cut out my tank top (see photos below) laid it on the cement and began painting it with my brushes. I started with a rich color and added water to make it more ombre colored. After both sides were painted, I took it to the hose and hosed off the shirt rang it out and then let it dry in the sun. I took the leftover sleeve dip dyed it then cut a strip and wrapped it around to make a racer back style. I let it dry and threw it in the wash alone and here's what I got! If you would like one of these please send a message to me on Facebook: Fl(h)air Accessories they are $9 <3 so perfect for summer with a pretty bandeau top underneath and cut off jean shorts or as a swimsuit cover-up at the lake even perfect for working out!

Here are some photos below to show you the process...

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