Monday, June 18, 2012

Morning Dates

Sometimes the afternoons and evenings can be hectic. After a crazy weekend visiting with family and seeing Mr.'s grandma in the hospital, it was emotional and draining. Last night we decided to lift our spirits by playing some vinyl records having some beers and rocking out.

This morning was pleasant, no plans, no craziness we went for morning date. Not as elegant or extravagant as a date night but it was so nice to just chill. The weather was overcast and we hit our favorite patisserie for some warm coffee and treats. We talked, laughed and ate some amazing treats. Then we went our separate ways. I had orders to finish and cakes to bake and the Mr. had meetings. With all the chaos around us it was so wonderful to start our day off right. Do you guys ever do morning dates or afternoon dates?

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