Monday, June 11, 2012

Moss Decor Tutorial - DIY Moss Balls

Frustrated in finding a good deal on some pretty moss balls (laugh, it's okay, the Mr. and I giggle as moss balls each time we say it because we ARE mature adults too) I have decide to take matters in my own hands. When I couldn't find the perfect thing to add some greenery to our new entertainment center in our home we turned to our favorite home decor websites and were unhappy with the prices. Enter Walmart...

I picked up some Styrofoam balls in two different sizes, decorative moss sheets and some extra glue for my glue gun. All in all I spent about $13 and have enough for two large vases and a smaller vase as well as a bit left over for some plants in out house. Here is my tutorial (go ahead, start giggling) Moss Balls  :D

Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Moss Sheets
Styrofoam Balls


Lay out your moss sheets. Take your scissors and cut a piece that will go all the way around the ball covering most of it. I used just over an 1 3/4 to cover the smallest of the Styrofoam balls.

Dab some glue on the ball and start rolling the moss around the Styrofoam. Make sure your glue gun is not too hot to melt the foam. I set my glue gun on level one for this project.

Once you have reached the end, snip off the moss strip and glue to close your mossy seam.

Now your cylinder should curve to your Styrofoam. Make a glue ring around the edges and press down like the photo below.

Now take a square piece of moss from your sheet and cover over the exposed Styrofoam and glue it down removing any strings from the hot glue.

Secure edges down with your hot glue.
Take a few more small strips to cover the rest of the ball and repeat the other side. I didn't measure any pieces the moss is very forgiving - BONUS! I hate measuring.

Once you have made up most of them use them as decorations in your house like I did. You may also take some thread that is a similar color to the moss and wrap it around to keep the moss pieces from falling all over the place. I opted not to for the moment but that looks pretty as well.

Here is how I decorated with them.

Hope you enjoyed the Moss Ball Tutorial! Feel free to share :)

<3 Emma

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