Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Sweet Sixteen To the BEST Sister!

Today is my baby sister Molly's Sweet Sixteen. You would have thought MTV was going to show up because there's swag bag, an amazing cake (I'm biased), new outfits, bowling and dinner - not to mention the dance party downstairs all night with 12 of her closest friends that I have had the privilege to watch grow up into such adorable and fashionable ladies!

Molly is just wonderful- not to mention sassy and beautiful!! So here's to you Miss Boo! Love you bunches!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

How-To-Wear: Vintage Brooches - Pretty Necklace Inspiration

So today's how-to-wear vintage brooches is all about necklace details. Have you ever had a necklace that you don't really wear or that is too long or too short? Make the most out of it with adding a little vintage fl(h)air (no pun intended ;)) to your necklaces with little brooches. Here is some eye-candy for you to be inspired to try! Perfect for those Holiday parties and makes a great conversational piece!

Add a single brooch, double up on the brooches or throw on a few more for more glitz and glam :) enjoy!

New Year's Resolutions 2012

With the new year fast approaching I'm busy getting ready for my annual list. No pressure just good every year goals, some met some have not even been attempted yet.

Top 5 NYR 2012

1. Be happy and thankful for what I have.

Sometimes life can be hard and we get negative. Me being a list maker, I have decided when I get in these moods I make a list of three big things to be happy about and thankful for. 2011 brought a lot of wonderful things and it is SO true- good thoughts bring good things :)

2. Better organized and to become a better cleaner.

I live with Mr. Wonderful (Full of wonder on how clean this man is) so in order to better accommodate the OCD in him- I plan on making sure to clean up my artistic messes better than last year.

3. Make time for me.

Everyone has this for the holidays. It's all rush, rush, rush! I find my "No" meter broken all the time. I take on too much and then stress until it's finished. Working full-time, running my business and catering for special events in WW (we call Walla Walla) it's hard to squeeze in time for a bath, pedicure, and just me time.

4. Fine tune Fl(h)air

I'm working on so many projects with Fl(h)air Accessories. I am ready to branch out to Spokane and Tri-Cities here in Washington as well as WW. I customize so my different looks given the design of the shop and would love to expand and hire employees too!

5. Inspire someone to be creative and to help someone everyday.

While I was on vacation we rode a light rail to Downtown Portland. On of the passengers came on. He was pretty disabled- carrying a coffee spilling everywhere, walker banging around and his backpack half zipped with the contents falling out. Everyone watched this person struggle to try to get situated. I got up and help the man out. I get his contents in his backpack, helped get the coffee safely in his hands and moved his walker out of the way. I only hope people will not be scared to help someone out and when my little brother gets older people will be as gracious. So my goal is to help someone everyday.

So there you have it! What are your Resolutions for 2012?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

California here we come! Playing in the parks.

Hi all! Were here in sunny California for a quick trip to play in the parks before Christmas. Its beautiful here. While the locals are bundled up for 65-70 degree weather AJ and I are rocking short sleeves and shorts! Aahhhh sunshine. It's balmy compared to 28 dehrees back home.

We hit Disneyland for two days and now to Universal. Big scary rides here we come!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How-To-Wear: Vintage Brooches on Scarves

So for those of you who are just tuning in- I am doing a series of how to wear vintage brooches on my blog this week just in time for the Holidays!

Today is all about vintage brooches on a scarf! Yep super easy way to doll up the most plain of outfits :) wrap the scarf how you prefer and pin a pretty brooch to the scarf and bam! Awesome Holiday attire right there around your pretty little neck! You're welcome ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

How-To-Wear: Vintage Brooches

I love vintage as you all know! I always am hearing "oh you can pull off that but I can't - I'd look silly" to you who say that I hope to change your mind! There are so many fun, stylish and easy ways to wear them. I will be adding a new way this week just in time for holiday get togethers, photos with friends and family and more!

Vintage Brooches #1:

Take a few coordinating (or not coordinating) brooches and pin them to the side of your hat. I opted for a plain Forever 21 hat I got at a gift exchange. Now this color really could go with anything - I paired it with some silver gold and black vintage brooches for he holidays. As for the outfit I kept it simple with a plain grey long sleeved t-shirt from Nordstroms and Skinny Jeans and Toms from Studio Opal.

Of course you can get creative and wear with almost anything. So dig around in your grannies or great grannies jewelry collection and get to pinning :) <3

I'd love to hear our input as well! Leave em in the comments below :)

Fun Cake Time! Painters Cake Palette

Hi all! With the holidays fast approaching it is sure nice to have a chance to bake something that is not the holiday norm.

One of my favorite things to do is make fun unique cakes with all real ingredients- sure you may have more calories BUT there is nothing fake about the cakes! I was asked to create a cake that had a painting/art theme and this is what I came up with...

Cake was vanilla bean, filling was strawberry jam and frosting was a sweet vanilla buttercream - YUM!

What are you gals creating for the holidays?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winners for the Stella's Design Announced!

It is almost like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Who has the golden ticket?

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of you who participated! The lucky 5 who won are going to LOVE your items! I have quite the collection from Stella's Design and LOVE every one! I will keep you posted on new giveaways from my blog and Facebook!


Karissa - White Rhinestone Baby Shoes
Kayla - Baby Blue Barefoot Sandals
Amber - Rhinestone Flower Stretch Headband
Amy - Rhinestone Flower Stretch Headband
Terri - Pink Rhinestone Baby Shoes

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! I am so excited for you to get your packages!

I hope you ALL had a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet little gift ideas for Christmas

I entered a little giveaway at a show here in Walla Walla, Wa. and WON! I was so surprised to see these twelve pretty little mason jar pies from Detour Farms in Milton-Freewater, Wa.

Made with wholesome, really yummy ingredients these little pies can be ordered in an assortment or all one flavor. I ordered lemon, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, lemon cheesecake and cherry pie! Yum and so adorable to give out as gifts to all the teachers!

You can visit their website and hear their great story here

What are you giving out as gifts for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So lately we have been letting Lou (our 6 month old Mastiff who btw is 100 lbs- yipes!) outside his "zone" because he has not been getting into anything.

He has been doing so well and then today happened....

Looks like the weather forecast outside is 55 degrees with a major chance of snow only inside the Blumel House :)

Look how guilty Mr. Lou looks!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stella's Design Shop Review and GIVEAWAY! 5 Winners Announced 12/12

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the wonderful designer and owner of Stella Designs. Her name is Stella and her designs are so amazing! She is originally from California and started making accessories for her grand kids after moving up to the Pacific Northwest. I have seen a lot of wonderful shops for little babies and children's accessories and these are by far the prettiest well made products.

Here are a few of my personal favorites...

Pink Baby Girl Shoes--Infant-Baby-Toddler-Weddings-Birthday-Photo Props-Photography-FREE SHIPPING

White Baby Shoes, Wedding, Christening, Birthdays, Photo Props,Photography, FREE Shipping

Baby Girl Photo Props-FREE SHIPPIN\

LUCKY YOU! Stella @ StellaDesigns is doing an AMAZING giveaway here on my blog! All you have to do is "Like" StellasDesign on Facebook and/or add her shop to your "Favorites" StellasDesign on Etsy to enter for your chance to enter yourself into this fabulous giveaway!

Items for Giveaway are:

TWO of "The Autumn" Headbands
Yellow Flower Headband Rhinestone-Baby-Infant-Girls-Wedding-Birthday-Photo Props-Photography-FREE SHIPPING

One "The Allie" Baby Shoes
Allie- Red Baby Shoe With A Felt Flower

Luxe Collection Rhinestone Baby Pink Shoes
Pink Baby Shoes-Rhinestone Flower Applique Baby Shoes--FREE SHIPPING

Luxe Collection Rhinestone Baby White Shoes
White Baby Shoe- Beautiful Flower Rhinestone Baby Shoe-FREE SHIPPING

Just because you all are the best bloggie friends EVER Stella is offering a DISCOUNT CODE for her wonderful Etsy shop! A pretty little gift for you - this is perfect timing for Christmas - these make the perfect gifts!!

Make sure you go over there and show this wonderful and full of girly-ness shop some love!

Happy Shopping :)

*Winners will be announced next Monday 12/12/11! I will give directions to the winners as soon as they are announced! Good Luck Everyone!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Krafts in Walla Walla, Wa - Inside Studio Opal this Saturday!

Hello Lovelies! Guesssssss whatttt??? I am officially doing crafting classes! annnddd I am soo excited about this! I am going to do a series of children/teen crafting classes and then once a month I will be hosting an adult crafting class with some pretty amazing pieces! I just finished making my list and checking it twice! Here is the flyer with some photo inspiration on what is going to be made. This is not your typical cheesy crafts - these are so cute and super chic! Go kiddies :)

If you need the number of Studio Opal to contact to get your child/children into the class let me know. The class is only for 15 and is filling up fast :) yippee - oh and did I mention I am making some pretty yummy cupcakes for my crafting busy bodies?! Yep snacks and cupcakes will be celebrated after a long crafting class!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cute Hair Accessory Storage Ideas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did :) I am so thankful for many things - Including LEFTOVERS - yumeee!

I have been debating hanging up hair accessories in my studio to showcase some fun little collections.

Thanks to Pinterest I have found a few for the ladies that love their hair accessories but have a hard time displaying...

and here is another that I think I need to make for the shop and at home...

Source: via Dena on Pinterest

in love and starting to antique scramble to make my own...

lace detail...
Source: via Carman on Pinterest

and who would have thought of this cure chicken wire for hair accessories?

What are you favorites? I would love to know - do you have some great ideas for storing your hair accessories?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE!

Trying not to make this an advertising blog for Fl(h)air BUT this is an AWESOME Sale that all of you should take advantage of!

45% off your entire purchase from me at by entering this code:


Yep- that simple! Oh- and did I mention that you receive FREE SHIPPING? And to continue this special sale for all of my wonderful followers of Fl(h)air I want to throw in an extra hair accessory with every purchase!

= Happy Customers Right?

Right so go on and visit my shop and purchase something fun for yourself as well as a friend or family member who was extra nice this year!

Have a great Turkey Weekend - I have lots to be thankful for this year!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Perfect Baby Gifts for All - I Love Bond Street Boutique!

It seems everyone is having babies - my neighbor, my cousin's wife, friends on facebook - EVERYONE - but me. There are a million baby shops on Etsy but this one stood out -

I first met Holly, the owner, making a custom hair accessory for her adorable little girl. We got to talking on Etsy and she just opened up her shop - Bond Street Boutique. I was so amazed on how talented this gal is! Her little gifts make a big impression at recent baby showers I have been too. I love to share not only the items but how wonderful the person behind the product is as well! Some of my favorites include:

The Charles

Baby boy apparel hot chocolate & cupcake set - free shipping

The Jane

Baby girl apparel cupcakes, set of 4 - free shipping

I even got an adorable little glass coffee mug with coffee and a little black onesie that would be the perfect little gift for a new mommy. A little caffeine to help those sleepless nights seem bearable (as long as the baby is bottle fed -not a mommy expert here)! Love this one!!! My cousin's wife and the neighbor will love them!

If I find a great shop, I have to share! Hope you love them as well!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Giveaway!! Scrapbookers Flower and Sparkle Grab Bag

Hi Lovelies! I am so happy to have another GIVEAWAY :)

So this week it is all about Scrapbooking. I am not a scrapbooker but I love all the pretty embellishments that go along with the paper and making it look pretty. That being said I have a collection of them and want to share some of my favorites with you. In this grab bag there are some pretty sparkily flowers, rhinestone flowers, rhinestone gems in multiple pinks and purples, there are teal and orange flowers as well as pink and purple shades of paper flowers making this a great embellishment for card making, tag creating, photo embellishments as well as scrapbooking.

Just enter your comment below on what your favorite item in my shop is and the gift is all yours! Winner will be announced shortly <3

Thanks for participating! The more I get to participate the bigger the prizes!!