Monday, December 19, 2011

How-To-Wear: Vintage Brooches

I love vintage as you all know! I always am hearing "oh you can pull off that but I can't - I'd look silly" to you who say that I hope to change your mind! There are so many fun, stylish and easy ways to wear them. I will be adding a new way this week just in time for holiday get togethers, photos with friends and family and more!

Vintage Brooches #1:

Take a few coordinating (or not coordinating) brooches and pin them to the side of your hat. I opted for a plain Forever 21 hat I got at a gift exchange. Now this color really could go with anything - I paired it with some silver gold and black vintage brooches for he holidays. As for the outfit I kept it simple with a plain grey long sleeved t-shirt from Nordstroms and Skinny Jeans and Toms from Studio Opal.

Of course you can get creative and wear with almost anything. So dig around in your grannies or great grannies jewelry collection and get to pinning :) <3

I'd love to hear our input as well! Leave em in the comments below :)

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