Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2012

With the new year fast approaching I'm busy getting ready for my annual list. No pressure just good every year goals, some met some have not even been attempted yet.

Top 5 NYR 2012

1. Be happy and thankful for what I have.

Sometimes life can be hard and we get negative. Me being a list maker, I have decided when I get in these moods I make a list of three big things to be happy about and thankful for. 2011 brought a lot of wonderful things and it is SO true- good thoughts bring good things :)

2. Better organized and to become a better cleaner.

I live with Mr. Wonderful (Full of wonder on how clean this man is) so in order to better accommodate the OCD in him- I plan on making sure to clean up my artistic messes better than last year.

3. Make time for me.

Everyone has this for the holidays. It's all rush, rush, rush! I find my "No" meter broken all the time. I take on too much and then stress until it's finished. Working full-time, running my business and catering for special events in WW (we call Walla Walla) it's hard to squeeze in time for a bath, pedicure, and just me time.

4. Fine tune Fl(h)air

I'm working on so many projects with Fl(h)air Accessories. I am ready to branch out to Spokane and Tri-Cities here in Washington as well as WW. I customize so my different looks given the design of the shop and would love to expand and hire employees too!

5. Inspire someone to be creative and to help someone everyday.

While I was on vacation we rode a light rail to Downtown Portland. On of the passengers came on. He was pretty disabled- carrying a coffee spilling everywhere, walker banging around and his backpack half zipped with the contents falling out. Everyone watched this person struggle to try to get situated. I got up and help the man out. I get his contents in his backpack, helped get the coffee safely in his hands and moved his walker out of the way. I only hope people will not be scared to help someone out and when my little brother gets older people will be as gracious. So my goal is to help someone everyday.

So there you have it! What are your Resolutions for 2012?

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