Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Krafts in Walla Walla, Wa - Inside Studio Opal this Saturday!

Hello Lovelies! Guesssssss whatttt??? I am officially doing crafting classes! annnddd I am soo excited about this! I am going to do a series of children/teen crafting classes and then once a month I will be hosting an adult crafting class with some pretty amazing pieces! I just finished making my list and checking it twice! Here is the flyer with some photo inspiration on what is going to be made. This is not your typical cheesy crafts - these are so cute and super chic! Go kiddies :)

If you need the number of Studio Opal to contact to get your child/children into the class let me know. The class is only for 15 and is filling up fast :) yippee - oh and did I mention I am making some pretty yummy cupcakes for my crafting busy bodies?! Yep snacks and cupcakes will be celebrated after a long crafting class!

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