Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zoya Giveaway Nail Polish Review/ New Deal of the Week

I LOVE Nail Polish!!! I have an obsession- I think, but maybe I am just like every girl out there! Anyways my best friend text me the best deal so far in 2011. "Like" Zoya on Facebook and get three free nail polishes with their coupon code! So of course I went to the website and ordered three amazing colors and they were shipped to my house yesterday!

One of the best colors I believe for Winter/Spring 2011 is the "Greige" color (Gray+Beige). It makes a statement without being over dramatic and literally goes with everything. The coloring can be tricky with each skin tone so if your more fair in skin color then stick to a more gray tone same with if you are more warm in skin tone than pick more of a beige. The color name for my favorite is Amanda. It is a bit more pink than I planned on buying but I still LOVE it! You can check it out on the Zoya website click here.
Below is an article from Marie Claire about the Amanda color. Who knew that Kathy Lee could pick out such a cool shade?!

I promise next time to post any cool new giveaways that you can get as well! Keep checking in to see which "Deal of the Week" can be yours! I am not sure what day of the week I should be posting the "Deal of the Week" so let me know what day of the week you would like/need a pick me up in the comments below.

For all you ladies out there who are unfamiliar with the Beauty/Nail line called ZOYA click here to learn more under the Amanda Article from Marie Claire.

Have a FABULOUS week!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the WINNERS are......

Looks like Nichelle announced the winners! Click Here to See If Your A Winner!!!!

I just wanted to thank all of you who participated in the amazing Vintage Wanna Bee and Fl(h)air Accessories GIVEAWAY! I wish everyone could have won but here are a few lucky ladies who did!! Congratulations - I hope you love your Fl(h)air as much as I do. I will be posting my next GIVEAWAY towards the beginning of February so keep spreading the good word - the more people I have following my blog the bigger the prizes :)

Thanks again,


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Awesome Opportunity to WIN FREE Fl(h)air Accessories!!

I have teamed up with Vintage Wanna Bee for an amazing giveaway for fun Fl(h)air Accessories as well as Vintage Wanna Bee Accessories! There will be three winners including the GRAND PRIZE!! Check it out on here blog for how to enter and for the giveaway items -


To enter please click on the link above - there are some great fun must-haves and who doesn't love FREE stuff?!?!

Thanks for all of your support and the best of luck to my Fl(h)air Gals!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair How-To: Combating Frizzy Hair

So we all know that washing your hair EVERYDAY is not the best thing for a healthy scalp and hair. I have switched to every other day (which is hard because of my super fine super blond hair). Since making the switch it has made a big difference! Anyways the other day on my second no washy-washy hair day I got out of the shower and took out my messy bun and POOF! I felt like the model off of the Fructis commercial!

Now I am unsure if it was because it has been really cold and dry in Walla Walla or what but it was bad. My hair felt dry and coarse (never has felt like this before - that is why I was freaking out) so I threw it into a messy bun and was forced to dress down a lot for work and go for the sporty look.

Once I got home from the gym I decided to try something new. Jojoba Oil is a staple for my skin when it gets dry during the winter months. I also thought well why not use it for my hair. I did not use shampoo, I only used a small amount of Conditioner and two quarter size amounts of Jojoba Oil because my hair is pretty long so if your hair is shorter please use a smaller amount. Once I got out of the shower, I french braided my hair and slept on it over night. The next morning I washed my hair like usual (shampoo and conditioner) and got out of the shower and my hair was wet but I could feel a difference in how soft it was too the touch!

After blow drying and straightening (yes, I know it causes damage too) I noticed a 500% improvement!!! My hair is super shiny, I barely had to straighten it because it was pretty straight. There was no need for a shiner for my fly-aways because they were almost non-existent! So for all of you girls who are having trouble with your hair being frizzy or damaged go to your local organic grocery store and in the health and beauty section purchase some Jojoba Oil and try it out! You will be so pleased with the results!! I felt this information was TOO GOOD not to share!

Was this post helpful for you? What other strategies do you use to fight frizz and damage? What was your result from using Jojoba Oil? I would love to hear your comments!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Sick Saturday - Recipe: London Fog Latte- YUM!

Yuck - I have caught a cold from one of my students! So I while I am lying on the couch watching Season 5 of The Office - I figured I should do something else like post something fun for you on this Lazy Sick Saturday. My little concoction known as a London Fog (literally how my head feel foggy like the thick London Fog) to help lift my mood.


Favorite Mug
Vanilla Extract
Half and Half (or Milk Alternative: Soy, Almond, Skim)
2 Bags of Earl Grey Tea
Sugar (or Sugar Alternative: Stevia, Splenda, Equal)
A Small Pot (to heat milk)
Milk Frother or Cappuccino Machine (Optional)


Step 1: Using a small pot heat water until boil. Fill up mug about 1/2 way with water. Place two Earl Grey tea bags into the mug with a drop or two of Vanilla Extract. Steep for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2: While tea is steeping. Empty the rest of the water from the pan and heat your milk (or if your sensitive to heat skip the heating of the milk and pour in your cold milk). Pour the heated milk into the mug.

*Froth your milk if you have a frother or cappuccino machine and pour into the mug

Step 3: Add sugar to your liking. I love to use Stevia instead of regular sugar because I am sugar sensitive but you can use whatever suits your taste buds.

Step 4: Take out your Earl Grey tea bags (some people prefer to leave them in - do what you think is best). Prop up your feet and enjoy your new favorite drink! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

Was this post helpful to you? What is your favorite drink? How do you make your London Fogs? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Trends To Try 2011!

We all know that following all the trends will leave you looking silly and broke but safe to say there are a few to adopt and use to help update your wardrobe. I always have my basics and I have found through experience that it is always easiest to update your wardrobe with accessories first! It is an inexpensive way to try new ideas and find your own style. Here is a list of  new trends to try in 2011....

1. Chic Pastel Perfection (Anti-Smokey Eye)
This look is all about the simple pale palette of shadows - think light pink, lavender, beige, light grays etc. Pale eye shadows are a perfect backdrop for some bold luxe lashes too ladies! Play up your own colors to what works best for your skin tone.


2. Lavender
Along with the eye shadows the spring color is anything Lavender! Think of fun little accessories such as: shoes, clutches, nail polish, of course Fl(h)air Accessories - or go big with sweaters, dresses, trenches and more!

3. "Greige" (Gray+Beige) Nails
Something that is not Black and dark looking. Time to step into a softer hue with a nude or gray shade of nail polish or go all the way with the "greige" color. Layer on a high gloss coat to really perfect this trend.

4. Off The Shoulder Sweaters
What is more feminine than showing off a little shoulder? Exactly why this is a fabulous way to show some skin without looking too risque! Wear with a tank top underneath or go all the way with no straps.

5. Big Statement Jewelry
The bigger, sleeker, cleaner the better! Think of geometric shapes, clean edges and lots of shine! Fun shops to try this trend are Target, Forever 21 and (gotta love supporting the creative artist on there).

6. Not-So-Perfect Center Part
Don't have the money to give yourself a totally new hairstyle?! Easy way to update your hair look for 2011 is to use a high-gloss oil (Moroccan Oil) and a not so perfect center part. Why not give your side part a rest and keep it soft and sexy - this look works for ALL hair types and face shapes.

7. Matte Lips
This trend will not leave you out to dry! The new formulas for lipstick and matte lips lack in shine but not moisture - don't be afraid to try this trend. Go anywhere from a pale pink nude to a bright and bold fuchsia!

8.Trouser Pants
Goodbye Muffin Top!! This is a great trend to try for a more sophisticated and easy moving style. Move over skinny jeans - trousers can easily be played up for an evening or toned down for everyday style-chic.

Did I miss any of the other big trends? What 2011 Trend are you trying this year? Was this post helpful to you? Will you be wearing any of the trends listed? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

Congratulations BShields4501 for the Tutorial/Giveaway Prize!

We have ourselves a WINNER!!


*winner must claim their prize within 3 days of announcement (1.6.11)*

Thank you to all of my followers! I appreciate your support! The more people who subscribe to my blog the bigger the prizes will be for giveaways! So make sure you spread the good word! Check out my Etsy site as well for other fun little hair accessories! We will be doing another fun giveaway and tutorial soon! Keep checking back for more details.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tutorial & GIVEAWAY - DIY Custom Gift Tags/Ornaments/Keepsakes

I love finding new ways to make my friends, family and customers feel extra special by creating handmade fun gift items for them. I always am looking for funky ways to wrap my ETSY customers orders - Yes EVERY order is giftwrapped :).  I stumbled upon these accordion paper ornaments and figured since they didn't have the exact colors I was looking for I would give them a go myself! So here it is - My Secret Accordian Ornaments/Gift Tags!

Some Fun Scrapbook Papers (12x12 sheet)
Hot Glue
Pipe Cleaners (Metallic is Best)
Glitter Letters/Symbols (You can find them in the Scrapbook Section of Michaels)
Elmers Glue
Loose Glitter (If you buy in the childrens section it is much cheaper!)

Step 1: Cut It Out
I cut about 1 1/2 inch strips of paper like shown in the photo below. Then I folded the strip of paper accordion style. The measurements don't have to be perfect nor do the folding of the paper. I think it adds charm and a vintage look if it is not absolutely perfect.

I also cut a medium size circle - I found  a round spice bottle in my cabinet that works perfectly - you can use your best judgement on what will look best for yours.

Step 2:  Looking for Some Hot Stuff

I take my hot glue gun and take both ends of my paper and glue them together. This should look like the picture below on the left. I pinch together lightly the one end of the circle creating a cone and then flatten the cone down to create the accordion circle and add set a heavier object on top of it to keep it down.

I then take the medium circle that I cut before and add some hot glue to the center and using one had to remove the object holding your accordion cirlce down quickly place your paper circle in the center and hold down.

Step 3: Go Glitter Go!

Pick out what glitter embellishment you would like to have for your center ( I love monograms because it makes it more personal but you can use anything you would like).

 Take a large paper towel or plastic piece and sprinkle some loose glitter in the middle. Line your outer edge of your accordion circle with elmers glue (again, doesn't need to be perfect because it gives it more charm). Take the edges and dip the circle into the loose glitter to coat the edges.

Let dry for 5 minutes. Then take some hot glue and place a few dabs on the glitter object (mine is a M momogram letter) and place in the center of the paper circle.

To make the hook take the pipe cleaner and cut into half. Bend both sides to create a sharp "U" shape. Dab some hot glue on the ends and fasten to the back of your accordion circle.

And VIOLA!! You have made your very own handmade ornament/gift tag/keepsake. Remember creativity is the key to perfection! This is a pretty basic ornament so feel free to spice it up a bit and have fun with it - ENJOY!

Details are as follows:


Adorable Ornament/Gift Tag/Keepsake from the Tutorial - Handmade By Me - YOU CHOOSE THE MONOGRAM!!  All you need to do is become a FOLLOWER on my blog. I will take everyone who has added me onto their blog from JANUARY 3rd to Janurary 5th. All entries must be submitted by MIDNIGHT of January 5th to qualify. Winner will be chosen by and the winner will be published on my site JANUARY 6th. Winner will have 3 DAYS to contact me through the blog and the shipment will be sent the next day :) Please one entry per person.