Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair How-To: Combating Frizzy Hair

So we all know that washing your hair EVERYDAY is not the best thing for a healthy scalp and hair. I have switched to every other day (which is hard because of my super fine super blond hair). Since making the switch it has made a big difference! Anyways the other day on my second no washy-washy hair day I got out of the shower and took out my messy bun and POOF! I felt like the model off of the Fructis commercial!

Now I am unsure if it was because it has been really cold and dry in Walla Walla or what but it was bad. My hair felt dry and coarse (never has felt like this before - that is why I was freaking out) so I threw it into a messy bun and was forced to dress down a lot for work and go for the sporty look.

Once I got home from the gym I decided to try something new. Jojoba Oil is a staple for my skin when it gets dry during the winter months. I also thought well why not use it for my hair. I did not use shampoo, I only used a small amount of Conditioner and two quarter size amounts of Jojoba Oil because my hair is pretty long so if your hair is shorter please use a smaller amount. Once I got out of the shower, I french braided my hair and slept on it over night. The next morning I washed my hair like usual (shampoo and conditioner) and got out of the shower and my hair was wet but I could feel a difference in how soft it was too the touch!

After blow drying and straightening (yes, I know it causes damage too) I noticed a 500% improvement!!! My hair is super shiny, I barely had to straighten it because it was pretty straight. There was no need for a shiner for my fly-aways because they were almost non-existent! So for all of you girls who are having trouble with your hair being frizzy or damaged go to your local organic grocery store and in the health and beauty section purchase some Jojoba Oil and try it out! You will be so pleased with the results!! I felt this information was TOO GOOD not to share!

Was this post helpful for you? What other strategies do you use to fight frizz and damage? What was your result from using Jojoba Oil? I would love to hear your comments!!

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