Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tutorial & GIVEAWAY - DIY Custom Gift Tags/Ornaments/Keepsakes

I love finding new ways to make my friends, family and customers feel extra special by creating handmade fun gift items for them. I always am looking for funky ways to wrap my ETSY customers orders - Yes EVERY order is giftwrapped :).  I stumbled upon these accordion paper ornaments and figured since they didn't have the exact colors I was looking for I would give them a go myself! So here it is - My Secret Accordian Ornaments/Gift Tags!

Some Fun Scrapbook Papers (12x12 sheet)
Hot Glue
Pipe Cleaners (Metallic is Best)
Glitter Letters/Symbols (You can find them in the Scrapbook Section of Michaels)
Elmers Glue
Loose Glitter (If you buy in the childrens section it is much cheaper!)

Step 1: Cut It Out
I cut about 1 1/2 inch strips of paper like shown in the photo below. Then I folded the strip of paper accordion style. The measurements don't have to be perfect nor do the folding of the paper. I think it adds charm and a vintage look if it is not absolutely perfect.

I also cut a medium size circle - I found  a round spice bottle in my cabinet that works perfectly - you can use your best judgement on what will look best for yours.

Step 2:  Looking for Some Hot Stuff

I take my hot glue gun and take both ends of my paper and glue them together. This should look like the picture below on the left. I pinch together lightly the one end of the circle creating a cone and then flatten the cone down to create the accordion circle and add set a heavier object on top of it to keep it down.

I then take the medium circle that I cut before and add some hot glue to the center and using one had to remove the object holding your accordion cirlce down quickly place your paper circle in the center and hold down.

Step 3: Go Glitter Go!

Pick out what glitter embellishment you would like to have for your center ( I love monograms because it makes it more personal but you can use anything you would like).

 Take a large paper towel or plastic piece and sprinkle some loose glitter in the middle. Line your outer edge of your accordion circle with elmers glue (again, doesn't need to be perfect because it gives it more charm). Take the edges and dip the circle into the loose glitter to coat the edges.

Let dry for 5 minutes. Then take some hot glue and place a few dabs on the glitter object (mine is a M momogram letter) and place in the center of the paper circle.

To make the hook take the pipe cleaner and cut into half. Bend both sides to create a sharp "U" shape. Dab some hot glue on the ends and fasten to the back of your accordion circle.

And VIOLA!! You have made your very own handmade ornament/gift tag/keepsake. Remember creativity is the key to perfection! This is a pretty basic ornament so feel free to spice it up a bit and have fun with it - ENJOY!

Details are as follows:


Adorable Ornament/Gift Tag/Keepsake from the Tutorial - Handmade By Me - YOU CHOOSE THE MONOGRAM!!  All you need to do is become a FOLLOWER on my blog. I will take everyone who has added me onto their blog from JANUARY 3rd to Janurary 5th. All entries must be submitted by MIDNIGHT of January 5th to qualify. Winner will be chosen by and the winner will be published on my site JANUARY 6th. Winner will have 3 DAYS to contact me through the blog and the shipment will be sent the next day :) Please one entry per person.

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