Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zoya Giveaway Nail Polish Review/ New Deal of the Week

I LOVE Nail Polish!!! I have an obsession- I think, but maybe I am just like every girl out there! Anyways my best friend text me the best deal so far in 2011. "Like" Zoya on Facebook and get three free nail polishes with their coupon code! So of course I went to the website and ordered three amazing colors and they were shipped to my house yesterday!

One of the best colors I believe for Winter/Spring 2011 is the "Greige" color (Gray+Beige). It makes a statement without being over dramatic and literally goes with everything. The coloring can be tricky with each skin tone so if your more fair in skin color then stick to a more gray tone same with if you are more warm in skin tone than pick more of a beige. The color name for my favorite is Amanda. It is a bit more pink than I planned on buying but I still LOVE it! You can check it out on the Zoya website click here.
Below is an article from Marie Claire about the Amanda color. Who knew that Kathy Lee could pick out such a cool shade?!

I promise next time to post any cool new giveaways that you can get as well! Keep checking in to see which "Deal of the Week" can be yours! I am not sure what day of the week I should be posting the "Deal of the Week" so let me know what day of the week you would like/need a pick me up in the comments below.

For all you ladies out there who are unfamiliar with the Beauty/Nail line called ZOYA click here to learn more under the Amanda Article from Marie Claire.

Have a FABULOUS week!!


  1. Oo! I definitely did that deal and fell in love with Charla! It's probably better as a summer color, but I'm wearing it anyways. :)

  2. Ohh! Good pick - I love that color too! I have the one from OPI like the Zoya Charla. I still wear that one all year round too :) shhhh...