Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Trends To Try 2011!

We all know that following all the trends will leave you looking silly and broke but safe to say there are a few to adopt and use to help update your wardrobe. I always have my basics and I have found through experience that it is always easiest to update your wardrobe with accessories first! It is an inexpensive way to try new ideas and find your own style. Here is a list of  new trends to try in 2011....

1. Chic Pastel Perfection (Anti-Smokey Eye)
This look is all about the simple pale palette of shadows - think light pink, lavender, beige, light grays etc. Pale eye shadows are a perfect backdrop for some bold luxe lashes too ladies! Play up your own colors to what works best for your skin tone.


2. Lavender
Along with the eye shadows the spring color is anything Lavender! Think of fun little accessories such as: shoes, clutches, nail polish, of course Fl(h)air Accessories - or go big with sweaters, dresses, trenches and more!

3. "Greige" (Gray+Beige) Nails
Something that is not Black and dark looking. Time to step into a softer hue with a nude or gray shade of nail polish or go all the way with the "greige" color. Layer on a high gloss coat to really perfect this trend.

4. Off The Shoulder Sweaters
What is more feminine than showing off a little shoulder? Exactly why this is a fabulous way to show some skin without looking too risque! Wear with a tank top underneath or go all the way with no straps.

5. Big Statement Jewelry
The bigger, sleeker, cleaner the better! Think of geometric shapes, clean edges and lots of shine! Fun shops to try this trend are Target, Forever 21 and (gotta love supporting the creative artist on there).

6. Not-So-Perfect Center Part
Don't have the money to give yourself a totally new hairstyle?! Easy way to update your hair look for 2011 is to use a high-gloss oil (Moroccan Oil) and a not so perfect center part. Why not give your side part a rest and keep it soft and sexy - this look works for ALL hair types and face shapes.

7. Matte Lips
This trend will not leave you out to dry! The new formulas for lipstick and matte lips lack in shine but not moisture - don't be afraid to try this trend. Go anywhere from a pale pink nude to a bright and bold fuchsia!

8.Trouser Pants
Goodbye Muffin Top!! This is a great trend to try for a more sophisticated and easy moving style. Move over skinny jeans - trousers can easily be played up for an evening or toned down for everyday style-chic.

Did I miss any of the other big trends? What 2011 Trend are you trying this year? Was this post helpful to you? Will you be wearing any of the trends listed? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

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