Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We're going to the Daytime Emmys

Holy smokes! Just as the hustle and bustle of Memorial was about to take way, I glanced at my emails for Fl(h)air. Low and behold I find one from a company saying they wanted my company to participate in the Official Gift Bags for The Daytime Emmys!!! First thought was SCAMMMM... After many searches on google and looking up the company I have them a call. Turns out a real person answered, from a real company and that they were the real
deal on the gift bags for the Emmys! 

Shock then followed with a slew of phone calls to close family and friends. Giddy with excitement we agreed and started the process of our lovely hair accessories, all 1,100 of them going in the gift bags for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys in Beverly Hills, CA.

Were very lucky to have the patience of our wonderful customers as we head up to Farm Chicks this weekend and prepare for my wedding in July. There's so much happening and so much excitement! I'm very much looking forward to sharing more with you as we proceed!

I want to give a big shoutout to Achieva Marketing in Walla Walla for an amazing PR and Marketing plan with some fun articles and perhaps a video of our features coming up! Keep you posted!!! Pinch me, I still don't believe it! 

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