Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello Dolly!


Perfect Headband Accessory: The Dolly Bow Headband.

Why it's so awesome?

It's the perfect fit. Literally you can adjust it to be tight or loose, higher on the head or lower, whether your head is a little large or a little small - doesn't matter. The headband is made with a flexible wire that you can twist into perfection in an instant! 

How do I rock my Dolly Bow?

It's pretty simple. Untwist the swirl (that's how we package it up for a safe trip to your home when you purchase it). Place the fabric below the nape of the neck with each end in your hands and wrap it around your head and twist!

Here are some helpful inspiration photos:

There are so many ways to wear! I love wearing mine when I have second day hair and I even have worn mine to the gym. We have so many different colors and patterns to choose from on our website. There will be more featured in the next several weeks too! If you don't see one that you're looking for - we can customize colors as well! 

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