Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How-To Mix Prints

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to mix your prints. This look can be tricky but is an amazing tool for creating and revamping your wardrobe once you have mastered the techniques. So here are some simple tips to mix your prints and achieve that awesome summer cool vibe.

Tip #1
Take some of your favorite print clothing items. My favorites are stripes, leopard and floral. I think these are the easiest ones to start with for mixing. It also depends on your style as well (mine is a bit more flashy than most). Neutral hues are the easiest for intricate prints.

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Tip #2
Stripes: Easiest and most popular are mixing your stripes. Take a bold striped sweater and layer it over a small striped tank.
mixing prints and neutrals

Tip #3
Mixing the unexpected. My personal fav - Mix up florals and stripes together. Nothing is as adorable as a striped top with floral shorts of a skirt.

Tip #4
Mix your accessories! I love wearing my black and white striped shirt with my bright red floral scarf with my leopard print flats and dark skinny jeans. Literally if I "can't find anything to wear" this is my go-to outfit.
go to outfit

Tip #5
Mix similar hues. Have a navy plaid shirt? Pair it with a navy (any color that is in the plaid will work) stripe or polka dot shirt or tank and pair them together. Be as loud or as soft as you want to be.

Tip #6
To keep you from looking like it was a mix match day at school or as a dare keep your other pieces neutral. For example Kate Moss is wearing stripes with black and brown neutral pieces to keep it classy and super chic.

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