Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- being the only "blanca" in the Mexican Restaurant who doesn't speak Spanish. BF excluded (he's fluent)
- having Girl's Nite and shopping at Studio Opal, snagging an awesome pair of Toms Shoes with my ridiculously tall friend and the gal who rung us up laughed at comparing our boxes together. This is how opposite we are in height and in shoe size...
- Having acupuncture, relaxing...falling asleep...zzzz. Then having the doctor wake me to tell me I have been sleeping for an hour and he already took out the needles and me forgetting I was in an acupuncture room with a doctor. Obviously need the rest (hint hint).
- Colonics. weird not much else to say.... to all who have had them done - I now feel your pain.
- Thunderstorm and 70 plus degrees out. It was almost like I was in Hawaii. almost....

- Selling out for the second week in a row at Studio Opal for the hair accessories! BOMB!!! Thank you for all who purchase these cuties!
- My boyfriend serenading me at our Mexican Dinner (he bought because he was trying a new recipe and it went south real quick - hey A for effort though love chop) Here is the video of him - how can you not love a guy who can't take himself seriously?!
- Finalizing papers on the house! Woo Hoo- literally only like a week and a half before we are officially moved in!
- Scoring awesome $10 finds all week! $10 AMAZING-NESS! I will line them up and take photos for outfit posts!
- My dinner dates, Elania and Katie, who I have such a fun time with - love my "only friends" ;) You guys are the BEST!
- My dear friend Katy's Wedding is this weekend in Spokeezy and I am in it making the hair accessories and cake! Will post pictures as soon as possible :)
- Finding out that Katie (AJ's sis) is having the first boy in the Blumel Family :) Only 4 more months! I am starting on his bow-tie and tie onesies. Can't wait to hold little Mason Allen!

How was your Thursday?! Any fun plans for this weekend?!

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