Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OH LA LA Lavender

As predicted in my post for Trends in 2011, Lavender is making a shining apperance this spring. Click here for Trends for 2011 Post. I was a bit leary about the whole lavender color thing - I mean when I think of lavender I think of either old lady sweat suit or little kids clothing. I was shocked after checking out all the new designs for Spring 2011 the color is quite versitile! I think it is one of my top favorites!

Here is another fab collection of ways to wear Lavender - Also in this post is $50 (except for dark lavender rose clutch) and under :) Enjoy!!

Purple pearl neck dress
26 GBP - dorothyperkins.com
Purple ruffle dress »

Sunday Wrap Dress - Lavender
$48 - shopnastygal.com
Wrap dresses »

Lavender Confetti Tank
$30 - modcloth.com
Tops »

Delicate Details Skirt
$27 - modcloth.com
Lace skirts »

29 GBP - kurtgeiger.com
Wedge high heels »

Sondra Roberts R220721
$98 - lorisshoes.com
Evening clutch »

Cosmetics including Lips , Eyes and Nails - Accessories
$9.50 - hottopic.com

How do you wear your lavender? Are there any other colors that you are looking forward to seeing this spring and summer?

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