Friday, February 11, 2011

Orange ya glad I didn't say Banana / Two peas in a pod SPRING 2011 Colors

Here are the final two SPRING 2011 Colors - Peapod and Coral Rose (I think any shade of Orange will be a big hit!)

Orange had been predicted to be the new color for the season - I mean BRIGHT Orange... Sometimes can be harsh against certain skin colorings so we will keep it simple and do shades of orange.

Here is a great collection for inspiration and for ideas on adding this fun spring/summer color to your wardrobe:

orange ya glad i didn't say banana

Orange petal neck top
20 GBP -
Sleeveless tops »

Petite orange scallop top
22 GBP -
Sleeveless tops »

Poetic Licence Dazzling
$20 -
High heel shoes »

Old Navy Women's New Flip-Flops
$3.50 -
Flip shoes »

Citrus Orange Adjustable Cocktail Ring
$24 -
Stone rings »

13 GBP -

Baby Headband Medium Flower Orange Ruthie
$12 -

Peapod Green and Emerald Green have been popping up faster than the spring bulbs in the ground. Everywhere from runways to Macys - green will be a big hit. Kermit would be so proud how easy it is being green :)

Here is the last inspritaion collection - well not really I am for sure posting more - but for the SPRING PANTONE 2011 will be the final color - ENJOY!

emerald a glowin

Green spot bow dress
30 GBP -
Bow dress »

Green short trench coat
70 GBP -
Double breasted coats »

Green Arial Skirt
$145 -
Green skirts »

Green chain cross body bag
18 GBP -
Green handbags »

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