Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet the new blue for Spring 2011

I could not think of a more perfect blue than PANTONE Blue Curacao. Seriously on sun kissed skin, on the beach, tropical concoction and a great magazine/book- it SCREAMS spring/summer. I love the tropical ocean hue this color is packing! If you are a little weary of this color try it on in small doses. I am talking about mascara (yes, on the bottom lash or tips of the upper lash can be just enough), nail polish, ring, earrings, scarf or a small clutch. If you are a daredevil try it on as a swimsuit, capris, dress, t-shirt or large beach tote.

Here is a mix of some fun blue curacao inspired pieces for inspiration or to purchase for your wardrobe! No need to fear these little gams are for the bargain-ista with all items listed under $50 - your wallet will b happy too :)

Oh My Teal
Cobalt contrast clutch bag
15 GBP -
Leather clutches »

Turquoise Bead Flower Ring
13 GBP -
Beading rings »

Ahilya Chains and feather scarf
460 GBP -
Feather shawl »

Seriously gals - I am loving a new color each day! What about you?! Love it or leave it? I would love to hear about your ideas too :)

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  1. Love. That zebra cosmetics case will be mine!