Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Wear Fl(h)air Accessories: Day One - Scarves

Since it is the winter holiday season, I will be starting with scarves! There are great ways to wear your fl(h)air accessory with your favorite scarves! I always love inspiration from fashion blogs and girly magazines when it comes to finding new ways to wear your clothes!

1. The Snowman (top left corner)Literally just like you use to do to your snowman. Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck- take one side and pull it over the opposite shoulder and viola!

2. The Frenchie (middle top)
Okay this one starts like the snowman and then converts a tres chic. I started with the snowman - take the side that is behind your shoulder, wrap it around to your other shoulder and tuck it into your neck. Lift the other side (untucked) in the front and sweep across your chest roll into your neck and letting the rest of the scarf hang out. I have posted some pictures below to help.

I know the first and the last look similar but it is more secure than the snowman! Plus you can puff up your scarf to cover up your neck and appear much larger.

3. The Wrap-a-round (Top Right)
This one is much easier. Start with the snowman style. Take the end of the scarf that is behind your shoulder and wrap it all the way around your back and to the front again. Adjust the lengths to your liking and now your styling!

4. Sailor Wrap-a-round (Bottom Left)
Just like the wrap-a-round. Take the loose ends from the scarf and tie a loose knot at the base line of your shirt. This is a great way to add texture to a plain tee if you are needing a little something extra.

5. Bundle Wrap (Middle Bottom)
There are many ways to achieve this look. You can take your scarf (starting with the snowman) and keep wrapping until your ends of your scarf are almost gone - tuck in the end pieces and you are done! I like this look a bit looser to wear with v-neck tees but it is all about experimenting!

6. The Loop-de-Loop (Bottom Right)
Take your scarf folded evenly one hand holding the folded side one hand holding the ends. Lift scarf behind your neck loop the folded end over the ends and pull the ends to create a looped scarf effect that look much more complicated than it is!

Now for the Fl(h)air Accessory Part:

Take your Fl(h)air Accessory Clip - and attach it to any of your scarf choices! The placement is key - I

usually clip it off to the side of me and where it is very visible - let the compliments start flying! You are going to LOVE your Fl(h)air Accessory by the end of the week. Who knew this little guy could become so fashionable!
Here is what I did with mine -

BONUS: Make your own scarf! Here is a link to a site to DIY: T-shirt Scarves
Super fun way to recycle your old shirts. I did them with mine and it is really fun. I also went to Joann Fabric and bought Rit Dye and took my plain white old gym shirt and dyed it. Makes it look so much better! Let me know how yours turns out or if you need help message me!

click here for DIY Scarf 

What is your favorite way to wear your scarves? Did this help you with styling your scarves? Which way do your wear your scarf-Fl(h)air combo? I want to hear from you - Please leave your comments below!

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