Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Wear Fl(h)air Accessories: Day Two - Top Embellishments

antrhopology shirt on right - copied shirt on left

I hate when I buy an expensive embellished t-shirt (cough Anthropology cough) or even and inexpensive one and when I go to wash it it completely falls apart or at the very least doesn't look as cute as when I bought it! Ugh! Having dealt with this with two shirts and some $60 later I had enough. I found that if you use your Fl(h)air Chiffon Hair Clips that it looks better and is way less because you can just clip and go! Here's How-to-Wear....

Step One:
Take any of my Fl(h)air Accessories or ones that you have bought (any metal backing will work) that have either a pin, alligator clip, bobby pin, or snap clip and find a shirt that will coordinate with the color of your Fl(h)air.

Step Two:
sorry the pic is so bright!
Open the clips, pins or whatever you are attaching it with and clip the Fl(h)air to the neck line of your shirt. Do the same thing until you are satisfied with the amount of Fl(h)airs and how it looks.

Step Three:
You've just made an adorable and fun embellished shirt! No need to wash and ruin your shirt because the clips come off as easy as they are to put on. Here is what your shirt looks like inside out.

 I have some other examples of shirts that I have worn with different ideas and I also have posted some pics for inspiration below!

Sweater and shirt combo with the Fl(h)air Accessory acting as a brooch is fun and a great way to get a pop of color ...

If you are a bit shy and are not looking for a huge statement piece or you only have one Fl(h)air - this is a great look to go for in keeping it simple. You can still get the same effect of an embellished shirt without a ton of flowers...

Here is a look I did with two Fl(h)airs on a plain white t-shirt to add in some gray to my outfit. I was wear gray flats and needed some accessory but didn't want to wear a scarf. This is a great step up from the single Fl(h)air but is not as bold as the triple flower as shown in example.

Inspiration Photos for DIY Your Own Embellished Shirts

BONUS: Wear your Fl(h)air Accessory Clip on your favorite skinny belt! Another (if you dare) that is fun and really creative is to attach the clip onto your belt or your shirt and sweater combo to add a little spice and to accentuate your waist!

Was this a help to you? Would you wear an embellished shirt? How do you wear your Fl(h)air Accessory? Post in comments below or send me photo example on creative ways to wear your Fl(h)air!

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