Thursday, December 2, 2010

How-to-Wear Fl(h)air Accessories: Day Three - Hats

Hats are a great way to add your own personal touch and style! Especially when you don't have a lot of time to get ready for the day. You can always find great deals on hats all year round. All you need is a hat and a creative hair accessory - both feathers and or flowers work great! First off lets take a look on how to wear them before we add Fl(h)air...

Fedora Hats

Fedoras are (what I think as to be a fashion staple) I personally bought mine in the men's section of Target for $12.99 and it was one of the best pieces I have added to my wardrobe. I usually wear my hair to the side either fish-tailed, braided or in a messy bun. I wear either with jeans and a tee or with a fun short black dress and booties, I will post a link at the bottom below the Bonus from one of my personal favorite sites for fashion advice and how-to-wears.

Okay now we have an idea on how to wear a fedora and now to add some Fl(h)air - yes pun intended - look at the bottom photo of the black fedora with the red feather pin. Okay so there are a couple of different options - you can add a flowery Fl(h)air on the side like where the feather is placed in the picture but try to make sure it is pretty flat. You can also add one of the feather Fl(h)airs to the hat to make it more androgynous.

Depending on the occasion, personal style and event will depend on if a flower or feather will do. Play around with the look to find your own personal style for the Fl(h)air + Fedora look.

Military Cap/ Newsboy Cap

These are my go-to for days when the weather is terrible or I don't have time to do my hair! For my face shape I think the military is a better look for me versus the newsboy cap but I have seen so many people pull the look off perfectly!

I like my hair down for these hats. I usually rock the bed head hair where it is not straight but not wavy either. I think it looks great with a low pony either to the side or the back whatever flatters you the most. I suggest playing around with a few different styles - grab one of your closest friends or family and ask their opinion on what looks best.

So for the Fl(h)air Accessory part. As shown in the picture above any one of those placements would look great. I like the gray with the yellow flower. If you have a few small flowers or a cluster would look chic as well. If you don't have a Fl(h)air a few buttons, three small button pins or brooch would work too.

I love this Coach Hat with the black and gold and glimmer!!! It is super cute and now you know how to make a great knockoff! That will cost way less and is totally unique!


I LOVE BEANIES! Especially like the ones shown in the photos above with similar hairstyles. I think they look fabulous for winter days and nights. They are very lo maintenance and look great with tees, sweater and full on winter coats!

Adding Fl(h)air to your beanie is very simple! Attach the Fl(h)air Clip to the headband on either side of your head. Yes that is it! Super simple- looks custom and to your color palette. What more could you ask for - oh and example are below of how others wear them...

BONUS!: I love all hats and willing to try any look! Here is a fun one for you fashionistas that is super chic! They are called mini hats, flat hats, mini hatlets and fascinators - there is an example shown. They can be simple to so whimsical it doesn't look like it is even a hat at all. Let me know how it goes - I want to hear it in the comment box.

If you are still needing help with what to wear with your hat or hat ideas click here Was this post helpful to you? What other hats are you wearing with your Fl(h)air? How do you wear your Fl(h)air? I want to hear what you have to say in the comments - Fl(h)air Accessories -

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