Monday, December 6, 2010

How-to-Wear Fl(h)air Accessories: Day Four - Headbands

Headbands are yet another great way to show your own personality and style. Adding a Fl(h)air Accessory to your headband is another inexpensive way to create a whole new look for your wardrobe and for the season.

Let's start off with different ways to wear your headband and then after we master the art of headband hairstyles then I will show you how to wear a Fl(h)air Accessory with them.

Simple Thin Headband Styles: Look One

To achieve this look is rather easy and super chic and can be worn anywhere! First, tease the back part of your hair - don't be afraid to have it pretty high because you are going to take a lot of the "poof" down with the headband. Make hair in a low (as pictured) ponytail and use a hair pony to hold your ponytail. Take your comb and adjust hair to liking, place headband on your head and you have completed look one!! To make another simple look take pony and create a messy bun - super chic as well!

To add Fl(h)air Accessories- I like to keep it to the side on this one with something usually smaller. Any clip will do or you can purchase a Fl(h)air headband with one of the Fl(h)airs already attached to it!

This is a great example of how I would wear the Fl(h)air Accessory in my hair. It is a great way to add a pop of color and to dress up a casual outfit.

Simple Thin Headband Styles: Look Two

This is another easy one to try! It is great for the office and as shown in photo for an event! Again tease hair like the instructions above place in headband, you can tease the hair more for a larger "poof" or you can smooth it down. Spritz hair with hairspray and you are done. Wear hair straight, waved, or curly to create different looks. BAM! (sorry, got a little excited lol) Here is how to wear your Fl(h)air Accessory for the look shown above...

This look has the Fl(h)air positioned more towards the top and offers more of a dressy look versus the look above.

Simple Thin Headband Styles: Look Three

Another fun one to try which I am loving to do right now! Part hair to the side or middle - whatever you would like (even in between is great), curl the pieces with your side layers or bangs flipped back towards your ears like photo above. Place the headband over the front where your part and forehead meet and you got look three! You little hair master you :)
Here are a couple of other photos to look at for inspiration...

Double Thin Headband Styles: Look One

A fun way to use two headbands or get a double headband to add some more pizazz to any outfit for any outing. This look is perfect for ladies who have bangs or side bangs. Make a side part in you hair, comb bangs to side, tease back of hair and place in your double headband making sure there is about an inch between each band. Pull hair over to one side and loosely braid or fishtail and tie your end of your braid with a pony holder.

Double Thin Headband Styles: Look Two

This look is more for the red carpet but can also be toned down (with less bling bling) for an everyday look too! Tease crown of head and place headband on head, adjust each band about an inch apart. Pull hair in low pony and create a messy bun. Spritz with hairspray and then your look is completed.

Inspirational Photos and New Looks to Try

Queen of Headbands herself - Lauren Conrad. I love this look because of her undeniable gorgeous California waves and her beautiful black beaded applique headband. If you need more inspiration from Lauren Conrad I would just use Google images - there are a ton of photos with her and headbands!

These three photos show some great inspiration for bangs and headbands. I personally rocked more  trendy headbands when I had my fringe bangs. If you are stuck in a rut for hairstyles - this look is a great and inexpensive way to update your do - only one bad thing is the grow out is addicting and you always have to make sure they are styled to wear down.
I love this hairstyle!!!! I think it would be adorable to wear a headband as well. To wear a headband and Fl(h)air Accessory add in the headband at the base of the part and "poof". Take your hair accessory and place on either side. All done and beautified!!

This is another fun one that I love! It is a mix between chic and boho and I will be posting my new headband like the one pictured above on my etsy site!

Was this post helpful to you? What headband styles or hairstyles do you wear? Please leave your comment below - I would love to hear from you!

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