Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How-to-Wear Fl(h)air Accessories: Day Five - Handbags

Yet another great way to add a Fl(h)air Accessory is to your favorite handbag! There are lots of wonderful bags to attach your favorite Fl(h)air Flower to! It is nice way to add spice to your wardrobe - especially now for the holiday season. There are a few ways to do it and I will make sure to explain... carry on!

Clutch for Evening:

A simple clutch can be turned into an elegant piece of artwork in an instant with Fl(h)air Accessories. This one I really liked because you can add many different colored flowers to it to make it more of a statement or less of one with either a white (as shown), black or gray. You can find many inexpensive clutches at Charlotte Russe, Forever21, Target and so on. I really like to get a few good deals at Nordstroms Rack too!

Clutch for Everyday:

This is another fun one for an everyday clutch which is simple and very artsy. If you are really up to the challenge it would be fun to grab some yarn and DIY it. I like that this flower is made of yarn to keep it more everyday (although depending on the clutch you can use really anything). 

*NOTE* If your Fl(h)air Accessory does not have a pin attached on the back it is easy to assemble it on the back all by yourself. This makes it easier to attach to shirts, blazers and hat as well. JoAnn Fabric or Michaels has pins you can buy and attach with either a sewing kit or using a hot glue gun.

Bright Tote:

This is a fun one for summer get-a-ways, vacations, lake travels, weekend with the girls, etc. I love this vintage inspired bag with the bright colored Fl(h)air attached! I think the winter is getting me down because I have been creating a lot of hair accessories with a lot of bright colors lately!

Large Satchel:

This is a great example for a large satchel that can work as a school backpack, carry-on for travels, weekend get-a-ways, craft bag, laptop carrier for blogging ;) and more! I love the contrast with the dark wool and the light pink flower attached at the top.

I hope you enjoyed the next step in making the most of your Fl(h)air Accessories. I would love to hear your thoughts and comment so make sure to leave them below.

BONUS: This woman is all about making the most for her Fl(h)air Accessory in the pictures below. This is a great example of different ways to wear your flower!


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