Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Buble Concert Photos and Video

So I am going to admit I had hopes for Michael. I dig his music - love the song "Feelin' Good" he is not my favorite but I do enjoy a little dash of Michael every now and then..... That being said, he literally 180 changed my mind about him. If you ever get a chance to go see him (I know its difficult to pay the $100 for tickets and he is not always close) but HE IS AMAZING - he was hilarious making jokes and played everything from Van Morrison - Crazy Love to Black Eyed Peas- I've Go a Feelin'. AMAZING! I am def a fan and totally am in AWE of him. He was classy and crass all at the same time and I throughly enjoyed every minute. The concert flew by which was a first for me - it literally felt like a party :) I had such a great time! Here are a few pics to show and a little snippet of him singing at the end - sorry for the loud screams - I have an adorable and rowdy little mini me :)

My momma pretty much is awesome and got us fourth row center tickets!

I couldn't help it! Mols and I had a photo sesh with his picture there lol! I am a dork :)

My adorable little sister Molly! She is showing the MB love too!

My cute little family sans Kyle - he opted to stay at my aunts. MB is not his thing...
but it was OURS lol!

Hopefully this works - it is a snippet of him singing at the end of the concert - Please pardon my and my sisters screaming at the very end.

What are your weekend plans? Have you seen MB before?!

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