Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday and Outfit Post

Hi Y'All!! I hope you were having a fabolous week! I have been super busy crafting and baking my rear-end off. I also started a workout routine for getting back into shape. I am not for 5 am workouts but I feel a lot better about my day when I do. Here is a fun outfit post to show you what I wore yesterday...

Event: Thai Food with Katie and AJ
Time to get ready: 25 min (shower too - yikes!)

Okay so my Go-To Fast and super cute outfits always involve some type of black ensemble. I have super blonde hair and it always makes my features POP! So here is the break down of the fun outfit I wore!

I just purchased these Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 in Spokane for $10.50!! So you know I bought several - they are a must and are super comfy which is always a plus! I realllllllyyyy am loving the gray denim. It is a fun way to look updated but they are stupidly inexpensive and go with everything. The bag is a Goodwill purchase for $4.50 that was in great condition and I like that I can wear it across my body too. Please excuse my wet hair. I only had 25 min to get ready. The heat and summer laziness has me rocking my waves- what can I say?

I love me some ModCloth! I have purchased a few items from them but they have a ton of great ooak items that are artist supported. They always have good deals as well!

I not only make Fl(h)air but I wear it ALL the time! I am a sucker for accessories BUT even more I love to create pieces that are multi-functional. The gold flower pin is a perfect brooch for a dull necklace and adds character to any outfit instantly. I also paired it with a rolled rose vintage hair clip (which is awesome because if you hair is getting annoying you can use this as a clip too) that just clipped to the necklace. It was perfect because it was super easy and you can jazz up any outfit with a few small accessories.

Probably one of my favorite vintage/second hand  pieces I have ever purchased! I am a sucker for leopard print so when I walked into the store these seemed to have walked right onto my feet and never came off. I love love love these. They are super comfy and add some fun to an unexpected outfit anyday.

My make-up was simple - defined eyebrows, mascara, little bronzer for blush and lipgloss.

If you have any questions on this outfit or any others I post e-mail me, I would love to answer any and all :)

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