Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Number Crunching and Busi-ness!

Sorry for not being here on my blog this week! I can't believe how incredibly busy and excited I am! Here is what I have accomplished since Friday (in order):
13 Cake Orders
25 Sales in my Etsy Shop - Fl(h)air Accessories
Made an entire Easter Dinner for our Teacher Friends (all 5 of them) in Walla Walla
Baked Lavender Vanilla Cup-e-cakes for fun and by request from our guests
BOMB Suede Double Braided Bracelets
5 Flower Pins for our Secretaries at school
Wine Tours (for sanity)
9 Dozen (yep that is 108) Baked Goods for Sapolil WITHIN 24 hrs! BAM and I am still alive.

 Here are some fun photos for you to enjoy from our festivities this chaos of a week...

So sweet right! These are not just regular flowers - they are mini cupcakes dressed up as flowers-duh! ;)

My new Walla Walla Sister Katie and I at The Green Lantern

This is our "You talking to me?" look

Another Walla Walla Sister - Elaina

Lots of Jumbo cupcakes, cookies and brownies for Sapolil Cellars

Upclose Mini Cup-e-cake with edible glitter - A MUST

Super cute orders for Cupcake Bouquets - Ah-dorable and Calorie-Free (j/k)

One of the Para-Eds at our school received her citizenship this week! Yah - celebrating with cake!
I think I have sold 30 of these already - WHEW!

I am heading to bed for some well deserved rest - concealer is not even going to help these dark circles at this rate! Nighty Nite at 7:30 PM lol.

I can't wait to fill you in on what new items I am introducing to the Fl(h)air Accessories Family! Keep you posted :) - Emma

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