Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a cake thing...

So wanna know my side talent?! I make amazing cakes that are awesomely decorated!! I worked at great bakery in Spokane but had to move for the BF but I have kept doing it on the side for people here! I also do the custom desserts at a winery in Walla Walla as well.

Here are some of the recent orders for a few Easter mini cupcakes (white low sugar cake with vanilla buttercream frosting with handmade bunnies - oh and EDIBLE GLITTER!!) and an Anniversary cake (tuxedo- chocolate and white cake with raspberry filling and homemade chocolate fudge frosting with custom handmade fondant flowers) I make all natural cakes that are SUPER moist and full of goodness - no crisco here! So here is what I was up to tonight. I hope you enjoy!

- Emma

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  1. Do you sleep? You are just too talented for words. I think you should lend me some of that!