Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello from Cannon Beach, Oregon!!

It is so very beautiful here - even with overcast, rain showers and cold weather! I have never been here on this beach before but I will be back! The resort we stayed at is The Surfsand and we had ocean views and wonderful customer service! Here is a view from our hotel room...

EARLY in the morning you can see the view from Haystack Rock which is the third largest monolith on the Pacific Ocean and is home to many different sea birds as well as sea creatures. It was so rainy I couldn't get a whole lot of the creatures we encountered but there are some pictures to show you. The green enemenies (sp?) are very sweet and they like their bellies rubbed and then we found a large crab that was almost to large to hold - he was not a charmer but fun to find... Anyways here are some to look at!

This last one turned out sideways again but the whole side is covered with razor clams and starfish that were so beautiful in colors!

Then we went to a candy store and they had tons of Salt Water Taffy as well as specialtiy candies. Since the family business is candy I had to snap a picture of these.... Yep seriously these are chocolate covered insects, bar-b-que flavored larve and crickets - YUCK  - but I had to share!!!

Also we went to Seaside, Oregon where there were some baby seals that were rescues and you could feed them fish and they slapped their bellies for you attention as well as splashed you all over - I did not get a picture of these because my hands were covered with raw dead fish - not something I want on my iPhone... We also went into the aquarium where we saw eels, halibut, sting rays, octopus and got to hold hermit crabs and play with the enemenies (sp?) and sea cucumbers. Here is a picture of the giant octopus that because a little active with my red scarf - the lady at the aquarium told me he was flirting with my scarf - LOL! It is all fine and dandy until some octopus tentacle comes out of the tank... Seriously Mr. Octopus not interested!

So there is what I have been up to as well as rushing to get these orders done with Fl(h)air Accessories - O O O and I am working a deal with The Buttery located on Hemlock Street  in Cannon Beach where you can pick up your own Fl(h)air Accessories in the shop - I love networking!! Keep ya posted! What did you guys do for spring break?

 - Emma

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