Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is NEW and Fabulous with Fl(h)air Accessories?!

I am glad you asked... Here is a preview of the new items posted on my etsy site - I am IN LOVE with the feather flowers with the rhinestone embellishments! They are so pretty and unique for bridal events!! LOVE EM? HATE EM? Let me know :) I love hearing your feedback!

More vintage finds - LOVE VINTAGE - these are some of the collecting I have done - aren't these GEMS?!

AND last but def not least - I have started to do supplies :) yep that means a. my boyfirend is making me sell supplies because I am taking over the office ah-hem "craft room" lol b. I have found unique and affordable hair accessory making items I would love to share with all the crafting divas in the world. maybe it is c. all of the above :) anyways here are some new items posted that are inexpensive and can make some pretty amazing accessories if you are looking to tap into your inner Fl(h)air - ENJOY!

for some reason this one came upside down - der-ta-der....

Enter this code if ya want these goodies - SPRINGLOVE on your checkout for coupon code on my etsy site and receive a extra special discount for my lovely Fl(h)air Accessory blogger friends!


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