Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How-To-Wear : Plain Striped Tees

I LOVE striped tee-shirt and definitely they are a staple in any wardrobe! Nautical-inspired is always charming - it is simple but super chic!

Here's is how to make this look work for you...

1. Find Your Best Fit...
    Look for a t-shirt that is body forming, not too tight, especially if you are a bit busty - you will want it to end at your hip bone.

2. Type of Fabric...
    I think cotton or a cotton knit blend is best that feels a little more thick and sturdy than a tee. It will look a lot more crisp but enough movement to flatter your shape.

3. Wear it Pair it...
    Casual jeans, pants and skirts work well. Please refrain from "sailor style" pants. You can def mix it up with a tailored trouser and a fun statement necklace for a more dressy approach. Try not to do to many nautical looks at once to make sure you don't look costume-y.

Here are some picture examples:

Eva Mendes departs Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) wearing a striped shirt. 

Love it? Hate it? Lemme know! Do you own stripes? How do you wear them?

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