Friday, April 27, 2012

Just what I needed.

It was a rough day at school, I was down and here came Jackie to save the day! Her and I went to a speciality bead store and snagged some beautiful beads, poured some wine, made a fabulous vegetable curry and made earrings. The perfect distraction and just what I needed. Probably had a glass too many but we had a blast listening to music telling stories and you tubing funny stuff!

Here are some things we made and the wonderful and cheap wine bottle we sipped below.

Also this morning I woke up feeling sluggish, the late night caused me to look even worse in the morning. My go to tip for looking refreshed quick is a smear of under eye concealer, a little black mascara, pair of faux glasses and a bright red lip - and voila- instant wake up and nobody questioned it ;)

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