Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awkward moment of the day...

First of all I am trying really hard not to wash my fine blonde hair (gets greasy and resembles grossness at the end of the day) every single day to improve the oil so I started using spray in powder (expensive). To save some money and in desperation 20 min before I had to leave for work this morning I tried baby powder. I have seen it before and I just thought to myself "Emma, you are so thrifty and creative why not!". What proceeded to happen next should have been recorded. I drew photos so you can visualize while I tell you what happened...

Just wanted to share that with everyone just in case you felt that you were the only one who has awkward moments. The best thing is that Lou just laid there watching and I know in his sweet little puppy head - That is my mom, but I love her anyways (insert giggles).

The only thing that saved the day was my awesome Fl(h)air Headband here is the photo literally 10 min after it happened - can barely tell and it was good to have the headband on hand just in case. I had a ton of compliments on my hair today so I guess one could say Fl(h)air is a hair hero!  If you love this look you can get it here at my shop <3

Also I was featured on Vintage Wanna Bee's Blog for the BOGO Sailor Knot Headbands


You can see the original post here. So for all of you Wanna Bees just joining - Welcome to the Emma/Fl(h)air Family :) So glad you stopped by!

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