Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursdays and First but Not Last Outfit Post!

So a little nervous on the self post on my outfit but I think I will get over it! I decided to do one of these because hey why not and it is always fun to be inspired by other peoples clothing. So here you go :)

Here is literally what I wore today. The jewelry is from Forever 21, Sandals are from, Shirt is from K-Mart (gasp!), pants are from Studio Opal, Shrug is from Express.

Just wanted you all to see what I put together today for outfits! It got super hot here (80 degrees) so I am trying to layer cooler pieces but still be covered becasue if it is not school appropriate for bare shoulders especially from a teacher!! Anyways I hope you enjoy - Onto Awesome and Awkward Thursdays...

- Running home and catching a toe cramp then falling in the middle of traffic and not one person asking if I was okay - I not only brusied my pride but both knees and my hand as I awkwardly hobbled to the other side of the street... My boyfriend is still baffled on how exactly I managed to make running a contact sport
- Only sleeping 1 solid hour last night because of the cold I got from school. Anti-Bac all the time and I still end up sicky...
- One of my social skills kids talking during lunch and yelling out "I don't need LAXATIVES." I did my best not to laugh and write it down in my notebook.
- Lying out in the beautiful sunshine in my bikini (not public appropriate but fine for back yards) passed out to wake up to a bunch of people near the stream taking pictures and showing their family the baby ducks and me wrapping myself up like a taco and quietly scooting left into the house.

- New Hair Line will be at Studio Opal here in Walla Walla, WA. Yesssss this means you can now swing by and pick up some Fl(h)air Accessories for yourself and little one on Monday! Yipee!
- My boyfriend AJ bringing me my coffee to bed this morning when he woke me up from my hours worth of sleep (seriously who gets colds when it is summer here?!)
- New clothes I picked up this week at Studio Opal - will be posting those soon.
- Cupcake bandages that made my running accident feel not as bad but at school one of the kids asked if it was a scratch and sniff bandage.... not sure if that is complete ridiculous or genius...
- Sherbert Night with my girlfriends! Seriously sherbert and wine mix well with certain crowds lol.
- Fricken warm weather and laying out soaking up some rays (with SPF of course) I love the weather here.

So there ya go! Filled you in - what was your awesome and awkward Thursday like?


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