Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy and SAFE 4th of July - Safety Reminder Story from Saturday

So our trip up to Lake Roosevelt from Walla Walla was one set back after another. First we are leaving our 1/2 unpacked new house to enjoy some time in the sun and water with my family on our boat (not really roughing it when you can shower, watch movies and sleep on it but who cares right?). We left early to get a few errands accomplished before heading to meet my family at the lake. First we were running late, the line at Starbucks to get AJ some food and our coffee was super long, 7 miles inbetween Walla Walla, WA and Touchet, WA we blow a tire. Wait an hour for AAA while AJ spills his coffee everywhere and we laugh at this point because it seems that my beau has a rain cloud over his head that day and we properly come up with his name "Eyeore" poor fella...

Two hours later we hit the road with a fixed tire and a new coffee. Visit his G-ma in the hospital then meet up with our friends to head out to the lake. All was well. AJ has been looking forward (2 months worth) to repeating the Declaration of Independence in his new "Flag" boardshorts to everyone (20 of close friends and family) right before the HUGE fireworks show at the Tribal Grounds. Our family tradition we have shared together for years :).

Jon (AJ's best friend) and him want to take a break from studying for the boards exam (Yeah, Jonno's in his 4 year med school) to go on a fun jet ski ride. This is where the trip turns ugly. The jet ski exploded launching AJ and Jon 15 feet in the air causing them to have concussions, AJ lower chin had been "filet-ed" and was bleeding pretty bad, Jon suffered from a minor concussion with pretty bad burns on his legs and lost a tooth from hitting AJ's shoulder. Probably one of the WORST most traumatic experiences I have ever seen in my life. It was one of those times where time literally is in slow motion.

I, being the emotional one, was eeriely calm and got on the radio asking for help. Our friends were overwhelming there for us in time of need (two nurses arrived in two minutes, a dentist and a medic from Sacred Heart, we are lucky to have such helpful friends) called in an ambulance and an hour later we arrived at Lincoln Hospital in Davenport, WA.

AJ as well as Jon had negative reports on X-Rays which was good and it is amazing they were not blown to pieces. I can't imagine if they were far away from us or if it was my little brother, sister or her friend who had that happen to them. All of the horrible thoughts of what-ifs still flood my mind and we are thankful everyone is okay with wounds that will heal over time.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Please be safe this weekend friends and family. We have had quite the traumatic weekend and are so happy to be alive and well. I NEVER thought in a million years this would happen on our jet ski but seeing the pieces floating in the water as well as Jon and AJ's flipflops, wallets and hats is a reminder life is short and accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. Please be safe this weekend. We are taking it slow today lounging by the pool sipping water, anti-biotics and loading up on R&R.

Sorry for the lecture... just a safety reminder.

Hope your 4th was much,much, much better!

- Emma

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