Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is bound to make you smile!

I am not sure if I formally introduced my assistant Lou. He is also my pup-son and really most of the days are spent laying around with his favorite toy of the week and he takes his breaks going for walks and exploring.

He dreads when mom and dad go on date nights because the attention is not focused on him anymore and he has to be left alone for a few hours. We feel bad so we always make sure to get a burger patty to go or left over protein from the restaurant. This time we brought home "treats" and Lou was so tickled pink to see us (secretly he jsut wanted the food) he sat there sweetly ready for his treat which he gently took form my hand. And then nothing, no chewing, no gulping, nothing. I started to giggle because that boy just howled down an amazing piece of steak and didn't even phase him to taste it, none the less chew it. LOL!

You bet your bottom I got a video of this. After this it is onto cleaning the floors (which is a daily habit, yes, having a Mastiff means you have to be EXTRA clean). We do really clean our floors everyday.... BUT isn't he so cute!! I think he's worth it!!

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